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The Meaning of Heroes
"The Meaning of Heroes" Fic Info 
20th-Aug-2005 01:11 pm
wes/fred/giles OT3!, heroes
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TITLE: The Meaning of Heroes

AUTHORS: Jess and Lara

WEBSITE: http://heroes.darling-moon.com

SUMMARY: After Wesley is attacked and Connor is kidnapped, Fred and Giles rally to his side to help him recover, leading to the formation of a deep bond between the three of them and a new life for Wesley and Fred.

PAIRING: Wesley/Fred/Giles [m/f, m/m, m/f/m]

RATING: FRAO (Fan Rated Adults Only) [ESS] [GV] [L] [AU]

SPOILERS: Through the Season 3 Angel episode “Forgiving” and the Season 5 Buffy the Vampire Slayer finale “The Gift”.

DISCLAIMER: We only wish we were as successful as Joss Whedon. He and Mutant Enemy own this.

DISTRIBUTION: Permission granted to the usual haunts. If anyone else wants to archive it, please let us know.

AUTHORS’ NOTES: This is an alternate universe where we’ve tweaked the timeline of the shows a bit so that most of Season 3 Angel happened before Buffy was brought back from the dead at the beginning of Season 6 of Buffy the Vampire Slayer.
10th-Mar-2006 09:14 pm (UTC)
Just to tell you that I finally to read this. m:P

I wrote my two first threesomes this week and I guess,make me like. m:)

Mine was Alexander/Chloe/Lex and of course Clark/Lois/Bruce altought mine doesn't have slash. m:P

If you want to read I'll post the link after my beta sending me back. Okei. I'll be off but I'll definitly start to read today. m:)
24th-Apr-2010 07:08 pm (UTC)
Wonderful story! Found the first six parts on wesleyfanfiction.net and used Google-fu to bring me here. The whole thing is a treasure.

Some of my favorite things include: The closure with Gunn, which though a sad end does a great deal to explain his reaction to Wesley taking Connor, which I never thought made good sense on the show. The closure with Dennis as well; I always wondered what happened to him. Buffy finding a good guy in Tony. Anya getting the visions was brilliant. Connor himself is fantastic.

I am forced to conclude there is no book two, and therefore probably never will be, but if I am wrong I hope someone will point me in the right direction! It's a satisfying place to leave the story in any case, not like some cases where people finish what they call "book one" and it's really not a book in and of itself, just a chunk of story so long they felt like they should end it there.

You should really consider updating on wesleyfanfiction.net, if not posting the whole story then at least removing the partial piece and adding as an externally hosted story. I know someone is still handling that archive because I contacted them with a technical issue and they fixed it within hours.

Thank you for this lovely story.
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