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The Meaning of Heroes
Book One: Chapter Fifteen (10,076 words) 
10th-May-2006 09:31 pm
wes/fred/giles OT3!, heroes

Luckily, the trip home was blessedly without teasing since Dawn was so excited about the being able to play the Playstation. The excitement wasn’t much better volume-wise, but it was at least understandable.

Soon, they pulled up outside Rovello Drive and everyone started helping taking everything they had purchased inside. Even Connor helped, taking the stuffed animal Fred had picked out for him and carrying it in.

Giles grunted, hefting the bulk of the bags from the Jeep into his arms. He saw Wesley gather the ones from his car, and they allowed Dawn ahead of them to open the doors. As both men staggered in through the front door under the weight of their packages, all of them instictively flinched when they heard the noise from upstairs.

“I know you’re a sodding nancy boy, but come on, whelp! Lift your end!” Spike snapped, annoyed with having spent the entire day around Xander the dog-faced boy. At least this was the last dresser, and Niblet’s room was done. Harris could do the bloody plumbing himself. “For the love of—move, Harris.”

Growling, he gave up and lifted the entire dresser himself, heading down the stairs. He barely acknowledged the people in the livingroom as he passed, just wanting the damn thing done.

“Well, Dawnie.” Xander smiled sheepishly, coming down the stairs. “The walls are up. It’ll probably take me about a week to handle the plumbing and add a half-bath down there, but me and fangboy finished the rest. We were just finishing moving your bed and dressers down there.”

“Eee!” Dawn squealed in happiness and followed Xander down the stairs to the basement to see what they had done. The others looked at each other, wondering how in the world Spike and Xander had managed to get anything done considering the arguing the two had been doing when they walked in.

Fred laughed as she put some of the bags down on the couch in the living room. “So which do you think will hold Dawn’s attention the longest? The new room or the new Playstation?”

“You know, I have no idea. It might actually be a draw,” Buffy told her. She took her new jacket and hung it up in the hall closet, not wanting anything to happen to it.

“Buffy! You have to see this!” Dawn’s voice came from downstairs.

“Although favor may be tipping towards the room,” she said before disappeared down after her sister.

“Guess we should get all of this put away, then deal with dinner?” Fred asked Wesley and Giles.

“Well, we have quite the day ahead of us tomorrow. I think we should relax all we can tonight,” Giles suggested. “Why don’t we leave the bags in Connor’s empty room for the night, and concentrate on just making dinner and relaxing.”

“I’ll take the bags upstairs, if you two want to head into the kitchen and get things started. Connor can help me,” Wes offered as he smiled down at the boy, chuckling at his emphatic nod. “See, we can handle it.”

“All right. And since I chose the menu last night, why don’t we let Fred choose tonight?” He looked toward his lover, waiting to see what popped into her mind.

“Yeah, mommy! Choose!” Connor interjected excitedly.

Fred laughed as she looked from her son over to Giles, seeing the anticipation in his eyes, wondering what she was going to say. Then she looked over at Wesley, her cheeks heating up when she realized that he would probably find what she was about to say very funny.

“Well, I’ve been good about this, and it’s been a long while since I’ve had any, and I’ve really wanted some for a while now, so if everyone else is all right with this, I’d really like to have...well, Tex Mex tonight. Please. Wes can handle the taco shells now, you know.”

Wesley had to turn away in an attempt to conceal a snicker. He knew he had failed when he faced Fred and Giles once again and saw the grin pulling at the corner of Giles’ lips. Blue eyes met green, both dancing with amusement.

“Tacos!” both men managed before breaking into laughing. Stepping forward, Giles drew Fred into his arms, pulling her against his chest.

“I rather anticipated this, so I made sure we had what we needed for tacos, paella, enchiladas, and...” his grin spread, “fried ice cream for dessert.”

“You...?” Fred squealed a bit and tightened her arms around Giles. “I know I’m so predictable, but thank you. It really has been a while.”

“What’s been a while?” Buffy asked as she, Dawn, Xander and Spike came up from the basement.

“Since I’ve had tacos. We’re having Tex Mex for dinner tonight. Complete with fried ice cream.”

“Ohhh, ice cream,” Buffy said.

Snickering, Dawn rolled her eyes. “You had an entire carton earlier.”

“There’s always room for more ice cream.”

“Yes, if I remember correctly, ice cream solves everything,” Giles replied wryly, looking at his Slayer as he continued holding Fred.

“Ohhh, is it time for a cuddle?” Spike remarked sarcastically, looking at the two of them. No one noticed little Connor move around his father until he was standing in front of the vampire. He drew back his little fist and punched Spike in the balls, dropping him like a stone.

“I don’t like you!” the boy growled before finding himself being scooped up into his father’s arms. This man made his daddy angry yesterday.

Wesley wanted to chastise the boy, but he honestly couldn’t find it in his heart to do so. No man liked to take that shot, though, so in mild sympathy, he kept his mouth shut. Xander, on the other hand, was not so subtle. The younger man was nearly doubled over, laughing so hard, tears were streaming down his face.

“Oh! I love this kid!” he gasped, clutching his stomach as he stood, looking down at the vampire curled on the floor. “You’d think you would have learned to keep your mouth shut when you got flattened by Wesley. Oooooo, the big bad of Sunnydale, got dropped by a four-year-old!”

Fred watched on, half-horrified, half-proud of Connor for not allowing Spike to get away with his classless comments. Buffy, meanwhile, was grinning from ear to ear and leaned over to high-five Connor. The little boy looked a little confused by what she was trying to do but went along with it, giggling when she took his hand and clapped it against hers.

“Spike, you really don’t want to mess with them,” Dawn told the blond vamp, somewhat sympathetically but obviously trying hard not to laugh at the fact that a little kid had gotten the best of him. “I learned the hard way earlier.”

“That’s enough,” Giles managed, fighting a grin of his own. “Xander, help Wesley take these bags up to Connor’s room while Fred and I start dinner.”

“Sure thing, G-Man,” Xander responded, wiping his eyes. He stopped in front of Connor giving the kid a sincere look. “Thanks, little man, I’ve been wanting to do that for years.”

“Come on, let’s give Spike a few moments to gather his...dignity.” Clearing his throat, Giles shifted his weight slightly but then stopped when a thought occured to him. “Oh, and Xander, I’ll need you to keep the Playstation down here. When you’re done moving the bags, I’d appreciate it if you set it up on the living room telly.”

“No sweat, G-Man.” Xander grinned unrepentantly when Giles glared, having let the first instance got unremarked but not the second. “I know, I know...don’t call you that.” Smirking, he went over to find the bag with the Playstation and the games.

“Dawn, since Connor won’t have his bed until Monday, and it being Saturday, I was thinking the two of you could break out the sleeping bags and camp out in the living room. There’s plenty of snack foods available in the kitchen...as long as you both finish your dinner.”

“Ohh! How ‘bout it, Connor? Wanna have a camp-out?” Dawn asked with a grin. Buffy could practically see the snacks and Playstation games dancing in her sister’s eyes and had to suppress a giggle.

“Camp-out?” Connor asked. “Holes used to make us stay outside. Called it camp. Like that?”

“That’s a sort of camping, but this’ll be different. You’ll stay inside, where it’s nice and warm, and you’ll have a television and games and food,” Buffy said. She looked over at Fred, Wes and Giles for a moment before turning back to Connor. “In fact, I think I’ll join you tonight.”

“You will? Okay!” He clapped with glee.

“Well, now that that’s sorted out,” Fred said, pleased that her little boy was so happy, “why don’t we get dinner ready?”

Wesley smiled down at the boy in his arms. Connor really did have a fondness for Buffy. He barely resisted the urge to roll his eyes...like father, like son. “I really think you have a fan, Buffy,” he smirked, ruffling the boy’s hair playfully. They all chuckled when Connor batted his hand away in protest.

“Daddy!” he whined, gripping his father’s larger hand and pulling it away when Wesley tried again.

“Why don’t you go with Mummy and Giles? You can be their big helper while they make dinner,” Wes suggested, passing the boy over to Rupert.

“I can help you!” Connor pouted, knowing he was strong. He could carry things.

“Yes, I would imagine you could. But while I’m busy for a few minutes, I need you and Giles to look after your mommy,” Wes replied, tucking his finger under the boy’s chin. “It’s our job – yours, mine, and Giles – to look after your mummy and make sure she’s safe and happy. And you know what makes your mum happiest?” He caught Rupert’s glance when Connor shook his head, the look of curiosity on his face. “To hear you laugh,” he finished before he tickled the boy, Giles holding him tight as he squirmed, trying to get free while he squealed with laughter. Chuckling, he listened to Connor gasping to catch his breath. “All right, off you go. I’ll be in to help you soon enough.”

“’Kay, Daddy!” Connor said with a large grin. “C’mon, Mommy! C’mon, Giles! Let’s get busy!”

Fred smiled over at Wesley. He was turning out to be an absolutely amazing father. Leaning over, she gave him a kiss before Connor grabbed her hand and Giles’ hand and led both of them off toward the kitchen.

Within a few minutes, they had everything out and were getting dinner preparation underway. While Giles browned the meat for tacos, Fred chopped up tomatoes. Connor sat on the counter and shredded lettuce happily into a large bowl.

“You were definitely right, Rupert,” Fred said once she finished chopping and began helping him start the paella. “Coming to Sunnydale was definitely the best thing for us to have done.”

Giles nodded, knowing full well that while Wes, Fred and Connor were all flourishing being away from L.A., Buffy and Dawn seemed to be doing as well with them there. What was the most surprising, at least in his mind, was the connection that seemed to have developed between Wesley and his Slayer, especially given how hard she had been on him the last time he was there. Whatever had caused it, he was thankful for it. Regardless of whether Wesley believed in himself, he had a good head on his shoulders.

“You know, three years ago, I might have been threatened by the connection that seems to have developed between Buffy and Wesley,” he admitted. “But now? They’ve become quite symbiotic. His presence gives her another option besides me. He may see something with her, where I might be blind. And I know he would never keep anything of importance regarding Buffy, from me.” He smiled in relief as he mixed the Paella. “And the fact that Buffy treats him with respect, that she trusts him, after how things went down in Sunnydale before...it’s giving him a new confidence that suits him very much.” After getting down the big bowl to hold the cooked paella, he set out two big baskets and handed Connor the bag of Tortilla chips. “Why don’t you pour this bag into those?”

“’Kay!” Connor replied, bouncing happily on the counter.

Fred nodded in understanding. Everything about this seemed to be helping all of them. Wesley was regaining what he had lost in the last few months – he was becoming the leader she had first met on Pylea again. She hadn’t known Giles or Buffy, but she could see what he meant, based on what he had told her in Sunnydale. And more than anything, she knew that having Buffy back and having them there with him had done Rupert a world of good.

“I’m so glad for this,” she admitted. “Angel Investigations...it was suffocating us, ever since the incident with Billy. Both of us. Wesley suffered the most by what was going on there – no one can deny that – but I was feeling it too. I’m just glad that we’ve gotten out of there, and Wesley can feel part of a family again. That we’re a family.”

She looked over at Connor, who was filling the first basket up to the brim. “We’re a family,” she repeated softly.

“That we are,” Giles replied with a smile, kissing her temple. They had become exactly that...a family. Poking his head out of the kitchen door, he called out. “Wes, Buffy, Dawn, all right, you lot. Time to set the table. Dinner is almost done. And since we cooked while you played, you get to clean up.” He smirked, catching Fred’s eyes when the expected protests came.

Setting up the taco shells, he put beef in at least ten of them, plating up the remaining shells and beef in case anyone wanted more. Once the table was set, they started carrying the plates of food out.

“As we have quite a bit of work to do tomorrow, Buffy, you can choose dinner for the night. I think it should be somewhat of a tradition. Something we can do as a family,” he admitted. “Xander, you’re welcome to stay for dinner if you like.”

“Ahhh, no thanks, Giles. You know how Anya gets if she thinks we’re leaving her out of the fun. I’ll drop Spike and his limp noodle off and head on home,” he replied. Hauling the blonde vamp out of the chair he had collapsed into in the living, he began helping him out to the car. “Come on, gimp.”

“That sight would never get old,” Buffy said with a laugh, standing at the door and watching Xander push Spike into the car. After shutting the door, she returned to dining room to sit down and looked over at Connor. “Good show there, little guy. Really. Makes up for getting me in the toy store.”

Dinner went by quickly – the tacos, enchiladas and paella disappearing, as much because of the others as because of Fred. Connor decided that he liked smooshing everything on his plate and then eating it, which amused Dawn to no end.

Once the food was gone and the fried ice cream Giles made devoured, the cleaners got to work clearing the table and washing the dishes while Fred took Connor upstairs to get him into his pajamas and brush her teeth.

Giles, in the meantime, pulled out the sleeping bags and laid them out in front of the TV. He brought a pillow down from Buffy’s room and grabbed an extra one from their room for Connor. With the boy’s heightened senses, he figured having Wes, Fred and his scents close by might be soothing. Looking up when he saw the three enter from the kitchen, he smiled.

“Buffy, I wasn’t sure if you wanted to sleep down by Connor and Dawn. I can make up the couch if you like,” he offered.

“It’s good the way it is, Giles,” Buffy replied. “Dawnie and I can keep Connor between us.”

Everyone looked up when the little man in question came barreling down the stairs, immediately latching on to Wesley’s leg. Giles chuckled at the picture. Connor really did look as if he could be Wesley’s son. Especially with the new haircut. He watched as Wes scooped the boy up, groaning theatrically, complaining about how heavy he was becoming.

“Where do I sleep, Daddy?” Connor looked at the pile of sleeping bags.

“You get to sleep right there.” Wes pointed to the middle sleeping bag. “Right in between Buffy and Dawn.”

“’Kay.” He grinned, looking at the blonde Slayer. He loved his mommy and daddy...and Giles. But he liked Buffy and Dawn a lot too. They were nice to him, and they were nice to his parents, and in his little world, that was the most important. He knew it was time to say goodnight and was looking forward to having fun with the sisters. Opening his arms, he looked at his mommy, cooing happily when he had a chance to hug both his parents together. “Night, Mommy. Night, Daddy. Love you!”

Giles gave the three a moment, saying good night to his own family by hugging both Dawn and Buffy. Turning with his arm around his Slayer’s shoulder, he grinned at the sight.

“I wonder if they’re going to be this clingy when he starts school soon,” he teased, directing his comment to Buffy and chuckling when she laughed. He stood by, watching her step forward and grip Connor around the waist, flipping him in a full circle before setting him down on her own shoulders, smiling when he giggled happily.

“Come on, little man. It’s time to let the old people get their sleep, or they’ll be cranky in the morning,” Buffy taunted, smirking at the three. She knew damn well they wouldn’t be sleeping.

“No cranky Mommy and Daddy! Go sleep!” Connor demanded from his perch. He loved sitting on his daddy’s shoulders best, but Buffy was fun too.

“You heard the midgets!” Dawn smirked, crossing her hands over her chest, sticking her tongue out when Buffy glared at her. Giles took a moment to hug Connor.

“Good night, young man. I expect you to behave for Buffy and Dawn,” he instructed, kissing the boy’s forehead.

“I will. Night, Giles.”

Gripping his lovers’ hands, Giles led them upstairs into their room, making sure to lock the door behind them.

Once the three of them had disappeared upstairs, Buffy looked over at her sister and their little charge. “So what should we do first?” she asked.

“Playstation!” Dawn announced, dropping down to her knees in front of the games console that Xander had set up. She plugged it in and started rifling through the games that Giles had bought. “Ohhh, this one! Bet you can’t beat me in this one, Buffy.”

“That sounds like a challenge. Wanna put your money where your mouth is?”

“We don’t have any money,” Dawn said, rolling her eyes.

“Then how about we play for Doritos.”

“You’re on.”

Upstairs, Fred grinned at her two guys once the door was closed behind them and leaned a bit against Wesley. “Everything went so well today. Connor’s really settling into life back here.” She kissed Giles and then turned her head and kissed Wesley. “Both of you are amazing, you know that.”

Giles chuckled, pressing his body into Fred’s while she craned her neck to kiss Wesley. “Why?” he asked. “Because we survived a shopping trip with the Summers women, with a four year old in tow?” Smirking, he ducked his head to nuzzle at the skin of her neck. Wesley moved his hands around her body, starting to undo the buttons on her blouse.

“Because you...you two are so good with them,” she said, her breath hitching when Giles’ lips found her throat. She moaned slightly, arching into both of their touches. They both felt so good.

“I’ve been wanting to touch you both all day,” Wesley sighed, happily, divesting his small lover of her shirt.

“You should have said something sooner,” Giles told him, amusement coloring his voice. “We could have pulled you into one of the dressing rooms.” He moved his hand around Fred to cover the younger man’s backside.

“Yes, I’m sure Buffy would have appreciated that,” Wesley countered. “Could you please watch Connor for a moment, I want to have a quickie with my lovers.” He chuckled, opening the snap on Fred’s jeans.

“Well, we were in the dressing room anyway...we could have just told Giles that we needed his help with something.” Resting her hands on Wesley’s chest for a moment, she then started to open his own shirt, pushing it off his shoulders. “Although we probably would have ended up giving the in-store cameras quite a show.” Her jeans slipped down her legs, so she stepped out of them and kicked them away.

“So that’s what the two of you were doing in there,” Giles teased, calloused hands moving over warm skin to reach around Fred and undo her bra. “It would probably be the most action any of them have seen in years.”

“No, we would never...” Wesley started, his head snapping up to look at Giles. “And you were just teasing, weren’t you,” he breathed, silently calling himself a fool for being so gullible.

“Wesley, don’t ever hold yourself back from Fred...or me. It’s the nature of a relationship with more than one partner. I would never be jealous of any time alone you spent with Fred. Just like I doubt Fred would begrudge any time you and I spent together,” Giles reminded him, reaching out to stroke a finger down Wesley’s cheek. “There are going to be times when one of us will be too busy. That’s what makes times like this so much more precious.” He drew his hands back and stroked them down Fred’s bare shoulders. “Now, I believe there is someone here might be feeling neglected.” With a smile, he tilted his head to kiss Fred deeply.

Closing her eyes, Fred raised her head up into the kiss, one hand moving up to cup Rupert’s face while her other hand caressed over Wesley, down his abdomen and across the front of his jeans. He was right – the idea of Wes and Giles spending time without her didn’t make her feel at all left out because she knew both of them loved her. The time the three of them did spend together was absolutely wonderful, and she wouldn’t trade it for the world, but there were definitely going to be times where the three of them couldn’t be together, and it didn’t bother her at all.

Slowly, she slipped her hand under the waistband of Wesley’s jeans, running her hand across the warm skin there. Then she withdrew it again, unsnapped the button and began to slid the zipper open.

Giles adored the way Fred practically melted into his touch. It was one of the many things he adored about her. She loved with her entire being, and she gave every part of herself to those she loved. He smiled against her skin when he heard Wesley gasp, and spotted Fred’s hand slipping into the front of Wesley’s jeans.

“I think our young man could use a hand...or two,” he said, smiling against Fred’s skin. Turning her to completely face Wes, he wrapped his arms around her tightly, one hand straying down her torso, sliding underneath her panties. His fingers delving into her wet heat, he was not surprised to find her already drenched for them. “Hmmmmm,” he hummed happily, stroking her core as she helped Wesley out of his jeans with shaky hands. “So wet,” he whispered, lifting his head to meet Wesley’s hooded gaze. “So wanton, hungering to feel us buried in you.”

As he drew her lobe into his mouth, Fred gasped, feeling like her legs were going to give out on her at any moment with each stroke of his fingers. Letting go of Wesley’s jeans, she reached her arms back to wind them around Giles’ neck. She felt Wesley pressing up against her in front, hot and hard. Behind her, she could feel Giles through the material of his jeans. “Oh, God,” she moaned.

These men did things to her she never could have dreamed of. Between what they said and how the touched her, her entire being was on fire for both of them.

Giles wrapped his free hand around her waist, holding her up as he felt her legs buckling. He lowered his head, kissing and nipping the flesh of her neck when he felt her arms come up and wrap around his neck. Instinctively, he pressed himself into her backside, his hardness resting in the cleft of her ass.

“Wesley...” he rasped, knowing the younger man would understand his unspoken instructions. He looked down to see Wesley taking a knee in front of their gasping lover. His fingers found her nubbin, the pad moving in a circular pattern as he felt Wes pull the thin material of her panties down and off Fred’s long legs. He looked pointedly at the box of truffles sitting on the dresser, grinning ferally when Wesley caught on and got up to retrieve it. Slowly, Giles withdrew his fingers, holding them out for Wesley to clean them off. A deep groan was pulled from his body feeling the hot mouth wrapped around his digits. “Fred, do you remember when I mentioned the three of us sharing the chocolate?” he asked, nibbling on her neck. He moved one hand up her torso, his fingers closing over her breast, manipulating the nipple.

The moment he reminded her of what he had promised while they had been at the mall, Fred let out an involutary shudder, which, coupled with the sensations darting through her body, sent her precariously close to falling over. Giles kept her upright, however.

In front of her, Wesley returned the other man’s grin when he realized what he had in mind. With Fred’s taste still on his tongue, he withdrew one of the truffles from the box. Using his fingers to open her folds, he pressed the truffle into her opening. Then ducking his head, he looked at the chocolate already starting to melt in her natural heat. Coming at it from underneath, he held on to her hips as he dove into her folds, devouring the candy. His tongue moved quickly, licking away the melted chocolate, curling and sliding against the remaining bit of the truffle.

When Wesley inserted the chocolate into her, she felt herself squirming a bit, the feeling of it a bit strange, but the moment he started running his tongue along her and inside her, her eyes rolled up into back of her head. Her breathing shortened. “Wes,” she moaned as all her limbs started to tingle and conscious thought started to drain away.

“He has such a talented tongue, doesn’t he?” Giles laughed gruffly. “All those languages seem to have become our benefit.” He smirked when he heard the younger man chuckle, the sound muffled by Fred’s folds.

Wesley could feel his love’s body practically humming. It filled him with a certain amount of pride to know that he had this affect on her. Lifting one of her slender legs, he draped it over his bare shoulder, so to open her wider. Delving deeper into her core, he tasted her juices practically pouring out on to his tongue. She was better than any fine wine. Once the candy was disolved and the taste of it completely overpowered by Fred’s unique flavor, he locked his lips over her clit, alternating sucking and pressing on the nubbin with his tongue.

Giles had to hold her tightly as she started to tremble and tense, her body riding the pleasure in its entirety. “That’s it, luv. Let it happen,” he whispered, neither of his lovers having a clue as to how beautiful they were, each engrossed in their tasks – Fred lost in the overwhelming feelings coursing through her body, and the look of concentration and desire on Wesley’s face as he played their love’s body like an expert musician. Both of them were making him harder than he had ever been. But their needs had to be seen to first.

Fred’s head fell back against Giles as her hips thrusted against Wesley’s lips and tongue, shivers rushing through her body like electricity. Her eyes closed, and her mouth gaped open, incoherent noises issuing from her throat. As Wesley’s tongue moved faster, her hips bucked in short jerky movements. Her entire body was being wound tighter and tighter until she felt herself hanging, one step away from losing control. Then when Wesley’s teeth gently scraped over her nub, with a cry, her entire body started shudder and spasm uncontrollably. Her head lolled foreward and her arms fell away from Giles to her sides like a limp rag doll.

Wesley held tightly, riding out her bucking against his face. Her cum poured across his tongue, and he relished the taste. Leaning back on his heels, he took a deep breath, watching Rupert lift her into his arms and lay her on the bed gently. He looked up expectantly when Giles rejoined him, leaning into his touch when the older man stroked his hair. Hesitantly, he reached a hand up to touch his lover; his confidence to proceed taking a slight boost when Rupert made no move to stop him. Thin fingers moved up the powerful thigh, brushing across the hard column of flesh trapped under the denim. Licking his lips hungrily, he looked up at him.

“Beautiful,” Giles whispered, drawing his thumb over Wesley’s bottom lip. “Both of you. I want you to finish stripping so that I can see you.” He smiled when Wes sat down on the carpet, immediately pulling his jeans completely off his long legs. “Tell me what you want, Wesley.”

“You, to taste you,” Wesley whispered in reply, unsure of how Rupert would react.

“Then take me out, show me just how talented your tongue is,” he replied, eyes dark with need and arousal.

Fred felt like her bones had been completely dissolved from her body as she lay on the bed, coming down off the high Wesley had taken her too. As her breathing began to finally even out, she slowly turned on her side, watching as Wesley touched Giles, cupping him through his jeans. She could see the outline of his erection while Wesley’s stood out from his now naked body. It was amazing to see what the three of them did to each other, how they brought out such arousal in each other.

Rupert was right – she was turning into quite a voyeur, but when it came to the two men she now shared her life and bed with, it couldn’t be helped. They were beautiful, and watching them did more to her than she could ever put into words.

Wesley opened the snap, pulling down the zipper. He was surprised when Giles’ hard cock immediately sprung out, bobbing in front of his face. He enjoyed it when his lover went without underwear, granting him free access to his body whenever he wanted it. Looking up, he smiled when he saw Giles nod. Wrapping one hand around the base of his shaft, he leaned forward, using his lips to press the other man’s foreskin back, drawing the organ into his throat.

“God, Wes,” Giles rasped, threading his fingers in Wesley’s dark locks as his hot mouth worked his cock. He braced his feet, preparing for the pleasure he knew such a talented mouth could bring.

Fred felt her breathing hitch as she watched Wesley’s mouth engulf Giles. Heat and a throbbing feeling began to radiate from her center, turning her on again. Slowly, she rose from the bed and moved up behind Giles, doing as he had done for her, pressing herself against his back and holding him as he lost himself in what Wesley was doing to him.

“Feels so good, doesn’t it?” she whispered. “He’s so good, and so are you. God, I love you both.”

Giles gasped loudly, Wesley’s efforts causing his body to absolutely hum. He wasn’t ready to give up to the release Wesley seem to be chasing, and when the buzzing in his ears became loud enough to become a concern, he drew the younger man’s head away from him, taking a few moments to catch his breath.

“That mouth should be illegal,” he panted, feeling his shaft surge when Wesley licked his lips hungrily, still looking at his cock. “But I’m not ready to give in yet. I want to be buried in one of you when I come, so I believe we should move this to the bed.” He tried to will himself to calm down as he held a hand out, helping Wes to his feet. Drawing Fred close to his body with one arm, he pulled Wes close with the other one, immediately claiming his mouth in a heated kiss.

Fred buried her face against Giles’ chest for a moment, kissing him while he kissed Wesley. She could feel his heart beating wildly under her touches, which made her own heart pound and the butterflies in her stomach flutter. When the two men parted, Giles grinned at both of them, obviously knowing what he wanted them to do next.

Pushing Wesley back, he directed him to lie back on the bed, splayed out for both of them to admire. Then he moved behind Fred and grasped her waist, bending her over so she was staring down into Wesley’s eyes. Glancing back, she saw Giles grab the lubricant from the sidetable. He dribbled some on her back, letting it run down between the cleft of her ass. The feel of it caused her to shiver a bit though it was warm and not cold. He greased his own fingers then ran them along the small of her back before moving lower. Fred looked back at Wesley, staring deep into his blue eyes as she felt Giles slowly insert one of his fingers into her anal opening. She grunted at the sensation, so different from when one of them fingered her but still good, and pushed back slightly when he wiggled the digit inside her.

After a few moments, he inserted another finger and began to stretch her, causing her to gasp softly. Her head dropped forward so her lips were brushing Wesley’s. She ran her tongue along his lips for a few moments before kissing him deeply. Giles continued working her, preparing her, scissoring his fingers back and forth then adding a third one. Once he did this, he stilled them for a moment until she relaxed a bit then began gently thrusting within her. Groaning, she released Wesley’s lips from their kiss and tossed her head back.

Once he felt she was stretched enough, Giles instructed Fred to get on top of Wesley. When she moved to face the younger man, he stopped her, helping Wes turn her to face away from him, looking toward the foot of the bed. Supporting her slightly, he saw Wes place himself against her tunnel, and slowly, they lowered her onto him.

Stepping back, he kicked his pants the rest of the way off, and stripped his shirt off, enjoying the looks of both of his lovers. Crawling over both of them, he placed himself at Fred’s opening but didn’t press forward immediately. He smiled at her, his green eyes dark with need. “Ready, luv?” he asked, barely giving her a chance to nod before surging forward and filling her in one swift stroke.

Fred moaned as Giles entered her, his weight pushing her down onto Wesley so both of them were in her practically to the hilt. Once again, the feeling was indescribable though the pain she had had the first times was practically non-existent this time.

Wesley’s arms wrapped around both of them, holding them up, and she felt his breath tickling her neck, followed by feather-light kisses. None of them moved for a few moments. As she stared up into Giles’ eyes, she knew they were giving her time to grow accustomed again. Tilting her head up, she kissed him deeply, letting him know that she was all right.

Giles started a slow, deep rhythm, relishing in the feel of his own shaft sliding across Wesley’s through Fred’s body. He was setting the pace, rocking the woman they loved between them, searching for that spot he knew would light her nerve endings. Bracing one hand over her shoulder on the matress next to Wesley’s head, he gripped Fred’s thigh and draped it over his hip, opening her wider.

“So beautiful,” he groaned, increasing the force of his thrusts. She was. Fred was amazing. He could feel how freely she not only gave her love in each movement but also how completely she gave her body, riding the pleasure they were giving her. The look of complete abandon and pleasure in her dark eyes took his breath away.

Wesley couldn’t agree with the sentiment more, especially with the feel of his lovers above him, around him. Fred was magnificent in every nuance of her being. And Rupert, he called himself old, or past it, but he was amazing. The little grey in his hair just added to the package. He felt himself slipping away. He had already given his heart and soul to them both entirely. One hand rested on Fred’s hip as Rupert rocked her between them while his free hand slid between them, cupping her breast.

A drop of sweat beaded on Giles’ forehead and fell down onto Fred’s collarbone, slipping across the swell of her breast as Wesley began to massage it, rolling her nipple through his fingers. Fred moaned, her head falling back next to Wesley’s.

Being with just one of these men was wonderful as she had found out several times before already. But being with both of them at the same times was an experience she didn’t think she’d ever get over; it was so overwhelming and unbelievable. Both of them - Wesley with his talented tongue and beautiful blue eyes that showed so much of his thoughts and love, and Giles with his strong hands and uncanny ability to send her mind spinning with mere words. Whatever she had done to deserve this, she was never going to question it.

“Oh, God,” she gasped when both of them drove into her at the same time, practically robbing her of her breath.

Giles could feel their bodies practically vibrating, close on the edge of their releases. Gripping Wesley’s shoulder to anchor them, he began driving into Fred hard enough to rock all three of them. Ducking his head, he kissed her deeply, swallowing the sounds of her cries. After several minutes, he pulled back to take a breath, moving his head so that his mouth was by her ear. He was surprised to find himself looking deep into Wesley’s pleasure-filled blue eyes at the same time.

“Let go,” he rasped, his voice thick and deep, actually talking to both of his lovers. “I want to feel you cum.”

Wesley could feel himself teetering on the edge of his release, groaning deeply with each thrust. His breath was coming in pants, and he nearly came on the spot when he was suddenly looking deep into Rupert’s eyes. The older man had no idea that his eyes actually changed color with his different moods. Now, they were a forest green, and Wes could swear they had a faint glow in their intensity. He gasped when he heard his lover’s deep voice telling him to let go, knowing he wouldn’t last much longer.

Fred was starting to lose herself between them, between the thrusts and the sounds that both of them were making. Her blood was roaring in her ears, and her chest was aching from the tightness that was spreading throughout her entire body.

Then he whispered in her ear. He whispered in her ear, and his voice fell over her like a caress, and the tightness in her gave way with a shudder that rolled over her like a wave. The roaring in her ears pitched up to a ringing tone. With a cry, she lost herself completely.

Wesley felt Fred clench tight around him, her cry of release as enticing as a siren’s song, drawing his own release out of him with such an intensity that he nearly blacked out. He felt himself explode deep in her bowels, his teeth sinking down into her shoulder to muffle his own cry. Sagging back into the matress, his head lolled to the side as he fought to regain control of his breathing.

When he had, he looked up to see Rupert withdraw from Fred and lean back on his heels. The older man had hold of his hard shaft, stroking it in front of them. He was gazing down to where Wes and Fred were still joined, and Wesley groaned, having an idea where his mind was going.

“Oh God,” he breathed, partially in anticipation, partially in concern. Their lover had a devious mind when he wanted to.

“Neither one of you move,” Giles instructed, leaning over Fred and drawing her nipple in between his lips. After nipping the bud with his teeth, he slid up her body until he was hovering over her lips. “Stay right where you are. I’m going to fuck Wesley while he’s still buried in you.” There was a growl to his voice, which was also still thick with arousal. He chuckled when he heard Wes groan again. “That’s one vote for approval. Do I hear another?”

Fred looked up at Giles, her head still swimming from the orgasm and her limbs still limp. But when he spoke, telling what he wanted to do, she felt her entire lower body tighten again around Wesley. The throbbing ache in her stomach started building again. “Ye—yes,” she whispered, managing to bring her arm up to stroke over Giles’ erection.

As he leaned over to the bedside stand to grab the lube, he grunted softly when he felt Fred’s hand wrap around him. He smirked, flipping the top open, squirting a large amount out onto his fingers. Leaning over Fred, he smiled down at her, relishing in the pleasure the strokes of her hand on him were bringing.

“Do you feel the stickiness, luv?” he asked, pushing his hips into her grasp. “That’s you, your cum, your pleasure bathing my flesh, making it sticky.”

He loved the sounds she made, the way her brown eyes dialated in need for them. Time to bring the second member of this party in. Moving his fingers down the juncture of Fred’s thighs, he continued down, finding the cleft of Wesley’s ass. He chuckled deeply when Wesley shifted, opening his legs wider.

“My, my, my, someone’s eager,” he said, pressing a lubed finger inside him.

Wes whimpered when he felt the finger enter his body, immediately circling, opening him up. Instinctively, he pressed his hips up into Fred, trying to lift them to allow Giles greater access. He felt Rupert add a second – and then a third – finger and cried out. His lover knew how to bring the maximun amount of pleasure as he prepped. Blood was returning to his cock quickly, and he could feel himself hardening, still buried within the woman he loved above him.

“What do you think, Fred? Does he feel ready?” Giles asked, pumping his fingers in and out of the younger man. He loved the sounds Wesley made, lost in the throes of his passion.

Fred groaned as Wesley jerked up. Rupert’s prepping was definitely having an effect on him – and on her too. His voice when he talked to her, the feel of him in her hand, the way Wesley filled her... She barely heard Giles’ question. Looking down at his fingers inside Wesley, she nodded, swallowed deeply, and reached down between her legs to guide him into their other lover’s opening.

Giles felt his tip being placed at Wesley’s opening and slowly pushed forward until he felt the tip breach the ring of muscle. He heard him take a few deep breaths and felt him consciously open up to him. He slid deeply in, earning him a groan from the other man the entire way. Buried to the hilt, he felt Fred’s wetness saturating his pubic hair. He hadn’t counted on this lining up perfectly, but if he could do this just right, he could make both of them come once again. Reaching under Fred’s thighs, he gripped Wesley’s and began a brutal pace right away. Pounding into him, he rotated his hips on the upstroke so that his pubic hair rubbed across Fred’s clit with each move.

When Giles stroked across her, Fred let out a strangled moan. Underneath her, she could feel Wesley’s breathing getting more and more labored, his heart pounding under the touch of her back. He jerked up again into her a few times, the sensation of that along with Giles rubbing against her making her want to curl up from overstimulation.

“I—I—oh...We—Gi—.” She tried to make a coherent word but found her mind deserting her.

Giles’ breathing was harsh, a fine sheen of sweat coating his skin as he hammered his length deep into Wesley’s body. He could feel his own release gathering like a coil in his lower back, the slow burn driving him on. He gripped Wesley’s thighs harder, pressing his legs open, rattling both their pelvises with the force of his thrusts. He vaguely heard the other man crying out over the buzzing in his ears. Angling his hips, he aimed his thrusts for Wesley’s prostate, wanting to take both his young lovers over before him.

Wesley couldn’t speak; he couldn’t think. He couldn’t do anything except ride the intense feeling he felt literally entwining with his soul. He was lifting his hips, meeting the brutal thrusts, crying out with each bump against his prostate. His vision had blurred, white hot pleasure exploding behind blue eyes.

“Oh God, oh my....” Feeling his orgasm grab hold of him in an iron grip, he shouted out, emptying himself deep inside Fred.

The moment Fred felt Wesley lose control, Giles rubbed over her clit again, and everything crumbled in a shuddering flash. As she let out a horse cry, her ears started ringing again, and she practically collapsed back onto Wesley, feeling him pop out of her, pushed by the strength of her spasms.

Giles grit his teeth, feeling his own release roaring through his veins. Bending over Fred, he drew her nipple into his mouth, the soft flesh muffling his cries. He thrust three more time and felt everything explode behind a white haze, lost in the pleasure. He trembled, each surge emptying more of himself into Wesley. After several minutes, he nearly collapsed on his lovers but caught his weight at the last moment. Using the last of his reserves of strength, he slid out of Wes and rolled to his side with a groan.

“I swear, the two of you are going to be the death of me.” He breathed, tiredly.

“We are?” Fred said, shifting off Wesley onto the bed between the two of them. “You say that everytime, and we haven’t killed you yet. At this rate, you’ll probably outlast us.”

Looking down at her legs, she saw they were still trembling slightly from the strain of holding herself over Wesley and from the force of the orgasms she’d had. Her head fell back onto the bed as she went completely limp for a few moments, not wanting to move.

“It’s probably a very, very good thing that the others are downstairs because wow.”

Wesley groan his agreement when Fred put her two cents in. “I feel as if every bone has been removed from my body,” he managed, his voice carrying a tired edge. He snorted, the sound partially indignant, partially entertaining. “If I could feel my body, I’d come over there and kick your arse, you smug bastard. You’re not old, and I think Fred and I have some inkling as to why Ripper was such a popular fellow way back when.” With a groan, he shifted to his side to get his lovers in his line of vision without too much effort.

“I hope you two aren’t intending on us going anywhere for a while because I don’t think I’m going to be moving anytime soon,” Fred moaned, looking over from Wesley to Giles. “At this point, I think all I can move is my head.”

She couldn’t believe how wonderful the two men made her feel – cherished and loved – although she knew that there would be a lot of people who would be surprised to know that sweet, innocent little Fred was sleeping with two men and enjoying the hell out of it. She had never had time for dating in high school, and so most everyone thought she didn’t know anything about sex – or even cared about it. If they saw her now, they’d probably die of surprise.

Raising her hands, she rested one on each of them. “Oh, look. I can move my arms now.”

Wesley groaned again, drawing Fred into his arms, his breath washed over her skin as he panted to regain control. “That makes you better off than me,” he laughed breathlessly. “Gives new meaning to the phrase ‘shagged senseless’.”

Giles chuckled, reaching his hand out, moving over the bodies of the wonderful people in his bed. “Both of you are beautiful,” he breathed, feeling a sense of peace wash over him. “Absolutely breathtaking when you’re sated. Almost makes me want to keep you this way.”

“With the two of you, I don’t think that’s going to be a problem,” Fred said with a laugh, cuddling against Wesley and enjoying the gentle caress of Giles’ hand.

The three of them lay together, entwined on the bed, just holding each other until all of them fell asleep, Giles last of course, watching over the two people he loved.


Cordy hurried into her apartment, slamming the door shut and locking the door behind her before leaning against it for a moment, her head in her hands. This couldn’t be happening. This couldn’t be. Fred and Wes were gone. Gunn was missing. And now Angel was...

Oh, God, she should have realized the moment that slimy lawyer from Wolfram & Hart had walked in, claiming that he had information on how to get Connor back. She should have told Angel to kick him the hell out. Hell, she should have kicked him out herself. Angel probably would have gone bonkers on her, but at least it would have been better than this.

“Dennis? Dennis, where are you? I have to get out of L.A. I need—.”

Suddenly, the playback button on the answering machine depressed, and the tape inside rewound.

“Dennis, what are you...? I don’t have time to—.”

Fred’s voice suddenly cut her off, “Cordy, this is Fred. Please don’t erase this without listening. Dennis, if she does, please make sure you somehow tell her what I said. It could mean her life and I know you don’t want anything to happen to her as much as we don’t. Cordy, listen...Charles is dead.”

“What?” Cordy whispered, walking forward, her eyes fixed on the answering machine. Gunn couldn’t be dead.

“He’s been dead for months – since sometime in the week after Lilah Morgan shot Billy and we were in such a bad state because of what happened because of him. Someone at Wolfram and Hart kidnapped him and stuck a parasite in him, and it killed him and was controlling his body, and they were using it to try to break up the group so they could get to Angel, and we can see how well that worked now. They want to turn Angel back into Angelus. We have proof that Wesley translated prophecy correctly, and they’re making sure it comes true. You need to get away from there, Cordy. Please. Warn Angel if you have to, but get away from there. Charles is already dead because of this, and the parasite already tried to kill me and Rupert. We don’t want you dead too.”

“OhGodohGodohGod,” Cordy gasped, scooping up the phone unit from the base next to the answering machine. With shaking hands, she dialed Wesley’s phone. “Pick up the phone, someone. C’mon, pick up. Please pick up. Please.”

Tears were starting to run down her face, and she ran into the bedroom while the line just rang and rang and rang. Opening her closet door, she pulled down one of her suitcases and tossed it on the bed. While she started grabbing clothes and throwing them in, the line continued to ring without anyone answering, so she finally stabbed the off button and stood in the middle of her room, hands shaking. Where were they? Where the hell had they gone? Had they...?

Then a thought occurred to her. “Dennis, where’s my phone book?” she called out, running back into the main room. The Yellow Pages suddenly floated to her from the kitchen. “Not that one! My little pink one!”

The big book fell to the floor, and a moment later, her little pink book appeared. Grabbing it, she leafed through it to the G page and dialed the one number there. Again, the line started ringing.

“Be there. Please, please be there. Please say that you took Wes and Fred back to Sunnydale with you. Please.”

The line finally clicked, and a recorded message came on, “You’ve reached the residence of Rupert Giles. I’m afraid I’m not available at the moment, but if you leave your name, number and your reason for ringing, I will get back to you as soon as possible.”

As soon as the answering machine on the other end beeped, Cordy felt herself lose it completely and started to sob down the phone line, “Giles, it’s Cordelia. Oh, God, I’m so sorry. I should have listened to you. You were right – those damn lawyers, they—oh, God, Angel, he’s...”

Suddenly, there was a loud cracking sound at the front door, as though someone had thrown their weight against it. “Cooordelia!” a familiar voice but muffled voice sang through it. “Oh, Cordelia. I know you’re there.”

Her eyes fixed on the door as the pounding on it began again, she started backing up toward the bedroom. “He’s here, Giles,” she choked out in a whisper. “Angelus is here. Oh, God...Wesley, I’m so sorry. I should have realized. I should have made him understand.”

Just as she said that, the door gave way, and Angelus came barreling into the living room of the apartment. “There you are! It wasn’t nice of you to run out of the hotel on me.”

“Dennis!” Cordelia screamed.

The Yellow Pages pitched up off the floor toward him, but he just batted the book away as she slammed the bedroom door shut between them. Locking the door, she threw her weight against it to try to keep it closed when Angelus did the same on the other side to try to open it. The phone slipped out of her hand and skittered across the carpet, coming to rest underneath the bed.

“Someone help me!” she yelled, knowing it was probably useless. She looked over at the dresser and tried to grab it to pull it over in front of the door, but her current position made it impossible. The moment she moved to try to get a better hold on it, the door gave way, sending her flying across the room to the floor. Her head hit the edge of her side table, disorienting her.

“I smell blood,” Angelus announced as he stepped into the room. “My favorite kind, too.”

Cordelia put her hand up to her head to find she was indeed bleeding. Slowly, she moved her hand to the lowest drawer in the table and slid it open. “Come and get it if you want it, you bastard,” she muttered, withdrawing the stake Gunn had whittled for her and twisting around to throw it. Her action caught Angelus by surprise, and the stake hit him, just missing his heart.

“Oh, Cordelia. How could you? After all we’ve been through together,” he said, pulling it out and dropping it in his pocket.

“We haven’t been through anything together, you asshole. You’re not Angel,” she growled as she pulled herself off the floor and clambered over the bed. Her vision went funny for a moment, and she had to stop to shake her head.

Angelus used the moment to his advantage. “You’re right. And thank...well, the demon for that.” With a sudden jump, he was on her, grabbing her and pulling her back across the bed towards him, flipping her over on her back and pinning her down. “Cordy, Cordy, Cordy. This is a position I know he’s wanted you in for quite a while. Stupid brooding pansy that he was, he never told you. Meanwhile, there was me. Inside. Wanting you in this same position. Only me? I take what I want.”

“HELP!” she screamed.

Behind them, a lamp floated across the room. Angelus grabbed Cordelia’s throat and shifted into his game face. “Come any closer, Dennis, and I’ll kill her right now.”

The lamp dropped to the floor.

“Good ghost.” Reaching down between them, he grasped Cordy’s skirt and shoved it up before ripping her panties off.

“Don’t,” she gasped, his hold on her neck starting to cut off her breath. “Please...don’t.”

“I’m going to enjoy every moment of this. After all that time you spent, teasing him...teasing me, only to go off with that damn Pylean mutant...oh, I’m going to savor every one of your screams, Cordelia. Every one.”

Survival instincts kicking in, Cordelia brought her leg up, kneeing him in the groin area, catching him by surprise. Angelus let go and fell off the bed. “Big words coming from the vamp that was bested by a librarian and a little blonde.” She scrambled off the bed and ran for the door, only to be shoved against the wall, face first.

“Well, you’re not either of them, are you?” he hissed. “And they’re next. Along with Wesley and Fred.”

“Oh please. I’ve knocked you on your ass plenty of times, and you know it. So has Wesley. A cheerleader and a bookworm taking out the big bad Angelus.”

Roaring, Angelus pulled her away from the wall and threw her to the floor. As she hit, she felt the bone in her wrist snap underneath her and let out a cry of pain. Her vision was getting worse from her impact with the side table. And she knew that there was no one way Angelus was going to let her out of this alive.

“Giles,” she said, seeing the phone next to her on the floor, “tell them I’m sorry. Protect them. Please.”

“I’m sorry. Protect them,” Angelus repeated in high mocking voice as he straddled Cordy’s back and pressed her into the floor. “You can protect them all you want, Giles. When I’m done with her, I’m coming to get all of you. You can tell Wesley that – I’m going to kill him for what he’s done. I’m going to kill Fred in front of him, and then you, and then him.”

“You’ll never get close enough,” Cordy spat out.

“You won’t be around to find out.” Reaching over, he picked up the phone and put it next to her neck as he pulled her head up hard, the sound of it snapping almost resonating. Cordy’s body went limp and, when he dropped her, collapsed back to the floor with a satisfying thump. “She’s dead, Giles. And you three are next.”

With that, he threw the phone at the wall and smashed it.


In Giles’ apartment in the Sunnydale, the answering machine clicked off. The message button began to blink in the darkened living room, awaiting Willow and Tara’s return from their night out.


13th-May-2006 08:59 pm (UTC)
OMG! You can't leave it there!

I have been reading this the last two days and I love it! Please keep up the great work!

Chapter Three, the scene with Giles and Lilah? Hottest stuff I've read without anyone being naked!!

I'll be reccommending this to everyone I know!
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Don't worry - we have more to come. We're so glad you've found and been enjoying the story. We loved writing the Giles and Lilah scene as well. :)

Thanks so much for commenting. It means a lot!
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