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The Meaning of Heroes
Book One: Chapter Twenty-Five (Part 2 - 6,472 words) 
3rd-Aug-2006 09:52 pm
wes/fred/giles OT3!, heroes

The front door of Rovello Drive opened, and a small blur named Connor went flying up the stairs, stripping off his little suit as he went. “Camp out with Dawn at Tara’s!” he repeated excitedly over and over. When he was down to his boxers, the chant suddenly stopped, and a half-naked boy appeared at the top of the stairwell. “Daddy, can we take take the playstation?”

“‘May I take the playstation’,” Giles corrected.

“No, Papa, me and Dawn wanna take it to Tara’s. You can have it tomorrow.” Connor protested with a pout.

Fred couldn’t help but laugh at Connor’s literalness, not understanding that Rupert had been trying to correct his grammar. “Connor, what Papa was saying is that when you ask to do something, you say ‘May I’ not ‘Can I’,” she told him as she moved past her husbands and hurried up the stairs so she could help him finish changing and keep him from tearing or messing up his suit. “If you want to take the Playstation, you need to say ‘May I’.”

“Oh!” Connor said. “May I take the Playstation to Tara’s?”

“As long as you both promise to be careful with it,” Wesley told him. “Your Papa bought that for you.” He bit back a smile when Connor stomped his foot, clearly still waiting for an answer. “Then yes, you may take the playstation to Tara’s.”

When Connor started bouncing up and down, Fred laughed. “Come on, little man. Let’s get you dressed in something else, put your suit away and get your overnight bag together,” she said, ushering him into his bedroom. “You’re going to be good for Tara and Dawn like you were when we were gone and you were good for Buffy, right?”

“Yes, Mommy,” Connor said as he bounced up and down.

Giles laughed at the sheer energy of the small boy. “Sometimes I wish I had a fraction of his energy,” he commented shaking his head in amazement. Green eyes shot up to meet Wesley’s when he heard the younger man snort indignantly.

“As if you don’t,” Wes smirked, knowing just how energetic the older man could be.

Once Fred had gotten Connor into a t-shirt and pair of shorts, they packed a bag for him to take with him, which he carried downstairs, her following behind. “I’m ready!” he announced. “Where’s Dawn?!”

“Right here,” Dawn said as she came upstairs with a bag of her own.

“Daddy said we can take the Playstation!” Connor told her.

“We can? Great!”

“Thank you for doing this tonight,” Giles told Tara, drawing the girl into a hug. He knew she would miss Willow the most. Perhaps he would ask later if Tony wanted to take up residence in his flat to allow Tara to come back to the house, so that she didn’t feel so alone.

“It’s no problem,” Tara smiled shyly, stepping back from Giles. “It’ll be good to have the company.”

After Dawn had disconnected the playstation and placed it in her bag with the games, Connor grabbed her hand and pulled her toward the door. “Come on, Tara! Sooner we get there, sooner we can play!”

Fred laughed and tried to grab their son before he went flying out the door. “Hold on! Don’t we get a hug and kiss goodbye?”

“Oh, yeah!” Connor let go of Dawn’s hand and ran over to her, throwing his arms around her. “Love you, Mommy. Glad everything went good.”

“Me too,” she told him, leaning down to give him a kiss. “We’ll see you tomorrow.”

“Hey,” Wes protested, giving a mock pout and hanging his head. “What about mine?” The pout turned into a smile when he felt the little arms wrapped around his legs. Picking up the boy, he hugged him tight then kissed him. “Okay, now one for Papa,” he added, tilting Connor in his arms so that Rupert could say goodnight. “We’ll see you tomorrow.”

“’Kay, Daddy,” he replied as he set him down. “C’mon Dawn! C’mon Tara!” He gripped both girl’s hands as he practically dragged them out the door.

Once the door closed behind them, Giles gave a tired sigh, stretching his newly healed torso. “It looks like the house is finally ours.”

Fred nodded, looking around the house, which was actually quiet for once. Dawn and Connor were with Tara, Lorne was out checking out the demon nightlife in Sunnydale, and Buffy had gone out to dinner with Tony. It was a bit strange to not hear anyone else running around the house as there had always been so many people around since they had moved in.

Turning, she looked at her husbands before returning Rupert’s smile. She walked over to him and ran her hand over his chest, still amazed by what Willow had done for him. “No leftover pain?” she asked. “She really fully healed you?”

“You make it sound like I needed a magical viagra, luv,” he chuckled, looking at her hand on his chest. “The only thing wrong was a hole in my lung.” Raising his head, he saw the hunger in Wesley’s eyes. Having been denied the last two days, he was clearly ready. He smiled at Fred, nodding his head toward their husband. “And I think someone is enjoying the show.”

Fred blushed, having definitely not meant to make what she said sound the way it had come out. But at Rupert’s comment that someone was enjoying the show of her touching him, she turned and looked at Wesley, raising her eyebrows. “Well, are you going to just stand there, or are you going to help me get our husband upstairs so we can have our wedding night good and proper?”

Without hesitation, Wes hauled Fred over his shoulder, making his way up the stairs as Giles barked out a laugh.

“Wesley!” she cried out in surprise. By the time they had reached the top of the steps, however, she was laughing, and when he put her down in the bedroom, she could see that he knew that Rupert would follow, and sure enough, he entered the room a few moments later.

Giving Rupert a smile, she leaned up and gave Wesley a deep kiss, closing her eyes for a moment as she wrapped her arm around him. Wesley hummed happily against her lips, ready to consumate his marriage to these two amazing individuals. Although – he thought dryly – given the baby in Fred’s body, they had been doing plenty of “consummating” before. As she turned to draw Rupert into a kiss, his fingers immediately moved toward the buttons on her dress, long nimble fingers beginning to pop them open.

Fred leaned up, capturing Rupert’s lips with hers while Wesley pulled her dress open, pulling it down off her shoulders. Married. She was married to these two wonderful men now, and everything had happened without interruption, and now they were even able to have their wedding night now that Rupert was better. That was the best gift she could ever asked for – him being well again.

Breaking from their kiss, she smiled back at Wesley as her dress fell to the floor and she stepped out of it. She then pushed Rupert’s jacket off his shoulders and began undoing the buttons of his shirt so she could take it off him.

Wesley smirked, his blue eyes shining devilishly. Good, she was focusing on Rupert. With a flick of his wrist, he had her bra unhooked, the material sliding down her shoulders. Moving to his knees, he kissed the base of her spine before hooking his thumbs under the waistband of her panties and lowering them down her legs to the floor. “So beautiful,” he whispered in awe, calloused hands moving up and down her thighs.

Fred had just finished unbuttoning Rupert’s shirt when she felt Wesley’s kiss on her back and let out a shudder. After stepping out of her panties, she pushed the shirt off Rupert’s shoulders and leaned in to kiss him again just as she felt hands on her thighs. The need she felt for both men began to knot tightly in her stomach, and she felt her hands trembling a little as she reached for Rupert’s belt, trying to to unbuckle it.

Wes laughed breathlessly at her shudder. Wrapping one arm around her waist for stability, his free hand moved between her legs, the tips of his fingers brushing her folds.

Giles, meanwhile, felt his breath hitch in his throat as Fred’s hands on his belt had caused him to harden almost instantly. Reaching his own hand down, he pulled the now useless bandage away from the side of his torso, allowing his wife to “do her worst” – or her best. Either way, he knew he would enjoy it.

With a soft moan, Fred began to throb a little when Wesley’s fingers moved between her legs and, feeling herself becoming wet. She got Rupert’s belt off and unzipped his slacks, pushing them down along with his boxers, allowing his erection to spring free. Taking it in her hand, she began stroking him gently while leaning up to kiss him again.

Placing a hand in the center of her back, Wesley gently encouraged her to lean forward so that he could taste the need he was beginning to feel on his fingertips. She glanced back at him, knowing why he would want her to do so and feeling another shiver run through her body. However, she did as he wanted her to, leaning down until she was eye level with Rupert’s cock. Looking up and giving him a smile, she then took him into her mouth, sighing when she felt him throb before sucking gently and running her tongue over his tip.

Giles groaned loudly, feeling the warm lips sliding over his tip. He spread his legs a little wider, bracing his weight. One hand went into Fred’s hair, stroking the dark locks lovingly as his other hand moved across her back over her bare skin.

Wesley put his hands between her legs, encouraging her to open them wider. Turning himself around, he ducked his head between, putting his mouth directly over her core. Holding her hips, he delved his talented tongue deep within her body.

Fred moaned around Rupert’s shaft, causing it to vibrate slightly in her mouth. Wesley always knew just how to touch her and taste her, and she could already feel her legs wanting to turn to jelly. But she forced herself to stay upright as she moved her mouth and tongue over Rupert, thrusting him in and out. Reaching down, she took his sac in her hand, fondling him gently.

“Fred,” Giles gasped. She was becoming far too good at this. He could feel himself throbbing between her lips. When her fingers wrapped around his scrotum, his testicles rolling in her palm, he had to force himself to not buck. “I love you so much,” he panted as she worked his body as if she was trying to possess it.

Wesley groaned, the vibrations flowing across her clit as he devoured her. Her juices were flowing heavily, but he wanted to taste the treasure. Applying some small sucking to his ministrations, he could feel she was close.

When he did that, Fred had to pull her mouth off Rupert’s cock, moaning as she felt herself beginning to tremble though she tried to continue stroking Rupert with her hand. Then Wesley’s tongue pressed against her in just the right spot, and everything exploded in a rush of color behind her eyes as she let out a strained cry. Her legs practically collapsed, but she was kept from falling over completely by her husband beneath her.

Giles held her shoulders as he felt her release slam into her. Slowly, he helped Wesley lower her down to sit in the younger man’s lap. Giving them a moment to themselves, he stepped out of his pants and boxers, tossing them to the side.

Wesley held Fred against his body, leaning forward to kiss her deeply as she recovered. “You have no idea how beautiful you are,” he whispered against her lips reverently, his cock throbbing hard, feeling her wetness on his trousers.

When her mind cleared after coming down off her high, she opened her eyes, looking into his beautiful blue eyes. She would never get over how lucky she was to have him and Rupert both. “You’re amazing,” she whispered, reaching up to run her hand along his jawline. “But I think you’re still a bit overdressed for what we’re doing.” Running her hand down, she undid his shirt with slightly trembling hands.

Giles reached down, however, capturing her hands in his and helping her stand. “Come on, our little voyeur. Why don’t you sit on the bed and enjoy the show,” he suggested, kissing her before moving her gently toward the bed.

Fred nodded, kissing him back before sitting down and scooting herself back a bit on the mattress, wondering what he had planned.

Once she was settled, Giles smiled ferally, almost stalking Wesley, who was still sitting on the floor, shirt still half undone. Stepping behind him, he could see his lover’s breathing starting to pick up in anticipation. “Stand up, Wesley,” he ordered, the corners of his lips curling up when the other man uncurled his lanky frame. “So tell me Fred, what do you want to see?” He smirked, feeling Wes tremble as he trailed a finger across his bare chest.

Her eyes went wide at his question, not having expected him to ask her what she wanted to see them do. “I—uh...” She swallowed slightly, her eyes flicking back and forth between her two husbands. “I’d like to start by seeing Wesley naked.”

Giles stood behind Wesley, pressing his body into his husband’s, chuckling darkly when he felt the other man’s knees start to buckle. Reaching around him so as not to block Fred’s view, he slid the jacket off his shoulders before moving to his belt. Undoing the buckle, he made sure to brush the rigid flesh beneath as he reached for the zip to lower it. He smiled when Wesley moaned, bucking his hips into the touch. “Let me hear you, luv; give voice to your pleasure,” he instructed as he lowered trousers and boxers.

Fred’s breath hitched in her chest as she watched. They were so beautiful, standing there together, especially when the pants and boxers were kicked away and both of them were naked. “Tou—touch him, please,” she whispered.

Closing his hand around the hard flesh, he began to stroke his one love as the other watched. He bit back a laugh at the hunger he saw in Fred’s eyes. “Like this?” The laugh disappeared when Wes cried out, his hands clamping down on Rupert’s forearms as he rode the delicious pleasure of his motions on his body.

Fred let out a shuddering breath, feeling herself becoming aroused again as she watched Wesley bucking into Rupert’s hand. “Yes...just like that,” she said, shifting on the bed.

“He’s beautiful, isn’t he? With his body just begging to be touched?” Giles asked, his voice thick with arousal. Wesley was making sounds of pleasure that seemed to be going directly to his own cock, but his own pleasure didn’t matter. This “show” was for Fred and Wesley. “What now, luv?”

“I...uh...” Fred was amazed by this, that she was being given this gift. It felt a bit strange, having this kind of control over the two men she loved. “Take him into your mouth.”

Wesley was barely keeping his footing as it was, so when he heard Fred’s command, he groaned. He felt Giles shift him and was unable to do anything but follow along. Watching the older man slide to his knees in front of him with passion-glazed eyes, he gasped when he felt the warm mouth close over him. “Oh God,” he moaned, his fingers instinctively sliding into Rupert’s hair.

Fred began squirming on the bed, feeling herself becoming very turned on from both the show and the fact that they were doing what she asked of them. She could feel herself throbbing between her legs and wanted badly to have something done about it, but her eyes were focused on her husbands. “So...so beautiful,” she whispered.

Giles groaned around the rigid flesh sliding across his tongue, relishing in the sounds of pleasure he heard from his lover above. Opening his throat, he took Wesley down to the root. He could tell by the way the other man was trembling that he was close. Increasing the suction, he grazed Wesley with his teeth, humming happily when he felt his mouth fill. Swallowing every drop, he looked over his shoulder at Fred. Her eyes were practically black with need.

“Delicious. What now, my lovely?” he asked with a hint of dark amusement.

“I—need—,” she tried to say, only to find that she couldn’t get anything out. She wanted to be watching them; she wanted them to be touching her. Finally, she managed to say, “C—come here.”

When he was sure Wesley could stand, he crawled over toward the bed, looking very much like a large panther on the prowl. Sliding his hands up Fred’s thighs, he grinned. “You called?”

A shudder ran through her, her eyes fluttering close for a moment as she took a deep breath. Then opening them again, she leaned forward and brought Rupert up so she could kiss him deeply, the taste of Wesley still on his tongue.

Giles wasn’t surprised at the intensity with which she grabbed him, shoving her tongue into his mouth. She was vibrating so tightly, he knew their little show had carried her near the edge. Running his hand up between her thighs, his thumb pressed her nubbin as he slid two fingers into her core.

“Oh, God,” she gasped, breaking the kiss when she felt his fingers inside of her. Her head falling back, her hips bucked up against his hand as he stroked her. The stimulation was almost too much, and her legs wanted to snap shut, but she couldn’t. “Ru—Rupert...”

Once Wesley had regained control of his faculties, he followed Rupert to the bed to see him working Fred’s body like the maestro he was. He could play both of their bodies like a master, bringing them to release effortlessly. Leaning over his wife, he drew a nipple into his mouth. Working her flesh for several moments, he climbed up her body, his face hovering over hers. “Let go, Fred,” he whispered against her lips before kissing her.

Fred’s mind was spinning, and her entire body trembling. She whimpered, almost overwhelmed, that edge of release seemingly just out of reach. Then Rupert pressed against her clitoris again, and she came hard, crying into Wesley’s kiss.

Removing his fingers when he felt her clenching around them, Giles lowered his mouth to her core to collect her release. He had tasted one lover, now he wanted the other. The combined tastes were as intoxicating as any drug he had taken in his youth. With his other hand he continued to stroke her, gentle and slow, allowing her to come down from her release.

Meanwhile, Wesley swallowed her cries of pleasure, his tongue stroking against hers. She was breathtaking, and he knew he would never get enough of her...enough of either of them. Breaking the kiss, he ran a finger down her face lovingly. “Are you all right?” he asked with a breathless chuckle.

When she finally stopped trembling, she opened her eyes to look up into Wesley’s eyes. Her heart was still beating fast, the sound of her blood rushing through her ears. “I’m—I’m fine,” she told him. “Wonderful. I’m with the two men I love.”

Rolling to his side, Wesley looked into her eyes as he settled on the bed next to her. “I love you, Fred,” he whispered before kissing her gently. He caught Rupert moving up to settle on her other side. Both of their hands bumping each other as they moved over her torso.

“I love you too,” she replied softly once they broke apart from the kiss. Her skin was sensitive, so their touches were sending shudders through her again. She ran one of her hands over Wesley’s chest while reaching the other back to caress Rupert’s hip. “I’m so glad everything actually went the way it was supposed to.”

Pressing his lips to her bare shoulder, Giles smiled against the soft skin. He could feel the shudders their touches were causing in her. Pausing in his motions when he felt his hand move over her belly, his grin grew. Their child was growing in there. Their lives were riddled with death and loss, so life in the midst of all that was a blessing, undoubtedly. His thumb instinctually stroked against the skin just above her navel.

“Indeed,” Wes replied. “The fates smiled down on us these last two days. And I will be thankful for that for some time. Thankful for both of you, for the rest of my life.”

Fred nodded, closing her eyes as Rupert caressed her stomach. When she was around them, especially Rupert, the sickness she had been feeling for the last several weeks seemed to dissipate. “I meant what I said earlier. I’m so glad to have both of you in my life. I need you both so much.” She shuddered again when their fingers caressed across her skin. “And right now, I need you both inside me.”

Wesley saw Giles start to hold back to allow him to lay down first. With a mischevious smile, he shook his head. “No, Rupert, you...on your back, now.”

He pointed to the spot, chuckling when he saw those beautiful green eyes flare in excitement before he complied. He might not be as experienced in bed as Rupert was, but he knew his lovers and suspected that the older man enjoyed the moments he took charge.

“Now stay there while I prepare this treasure,” he added in a mock sternness as he reached for the tube of lubricant in the bedside stand.

Fred grinned over at Wesley. It wasn’t very often that he told Rupert what to do. Reaching over, she took Rupert’s cock on her hand and stroked it lightly. “He’s beautiful when he’s demanding, isn’t he?”

“Fred, luv,” Wesley smiled, drawing her hand off of their husband. “I think it’s time we see just how well Rupert watches.” He laughed breathlessly as he slid a finger into her body. Drawing her back against his chest, he continued to open her up.

Moaning softly, Fred rested her head back against Wesley as he thrust his finger inside her. When he added a second one, she could practically feel Rupert staring at them, having to lay there and not do anything but simply watch. It wasn’t taking as long as it had at first for them to have to prepare her – she was getting used to it and learning to relax. Still, she gasped a bit when Wesley added a third finger and let out a shudder.

“Look at him,” Wesley instructed, whispering in her ear. “Hard cock, body so tight, just waiting to be touched...” He laughed thickly, adding a fourth finger, knowing Rupert was a little thicker than he was and not wanting to hurt Fred.

Swallowing hard, Fred nodded, feeling herself clench slightly around Wesley’s fingers in response. She forced herself to relax again, though, breathing in and out deeply. Once she was sufficiently relaxed and opened, Wesley removed his fingers, and she shifted over Rupert, leaning down to kiss him deeply before turning around to place his cock to her opening.

Giles groaned, gripping her hips as he slid deep into her bowels. His eyes closed while the pleasure flowed through his body. Even though Wesley had taken care to prepare her, she was still deliciously tight around him.

Once she was situated, Wesley crawled up on the bed, between their legs, sliding his own shaft along her swollen lips, leaning down to kiss her deeply. Without breaking the kiss, he angled his hips, pushing into her core in a single thrust.

“Ohhhh,” Fred whimpered slightly. Being so sensitive from before seemed to amplify everything she was feeling. She felt stretched and filled, pressed between the bodies of the two men she loved, and when they started moving within her, she cried out, the pleasure shooting straight up her spine.

Giles wrapped his arms around his wife, drawing her back against his body, his chest pressing against her back. Lifting his head, he began to suckle at the skin of her neck as they moved within her body.

Wesley started off with slow, long deep strokes within her core. He could feel Rupert’s shaft rubbing against his own as he moved. Leaning over Fred, he braced his weight on his hands, right next to Rupert’s head. “Just enjoy this, Fred,” he whispered, kissing her lips. For every word of love he couldn’t find the breath to utter, he intended to show her with his body.

She looked up into the blue eyes of one husband while feeling the other pressed against her back and nodded. Their movements were robbing her of the ability to speak, and all she could do was moan, trembles racing like waves through her from her head to her feet. The knots of want and need jumbled together deep down inside her, and she could feel herself starting to tighten as they thrust within her.

Sliding his hands up her torso, Giles cupped her breasts in his hand, fingers rolling the nipples. Looking up, he found himself pinned by the intense blue gaze of the man above him. By silent agreement, they both began moving faster and deeper, coordinating their efforts to bring the woman between them over the edge.

“Oh, God,” Fred managed to choke out, her body bucking between them as sensations ran riot. She stopped breathing for a moment as her eyes rolled up into her head until suddenly, with a sharp cry of pleasure, she let go, spasming and quaking, both men still deep inside her.

Giles had already been on edge, watching Wes prepare their wife, his body teetering on the edge of release, so when Fred clenched around him, he cried out as well, erupting deep within her body.

Wesley felt himself bathed in her orgasm, grunting at the constriction around his rigid shaft. He felt Rupert’s release almost immediately after. Lowering his head, he rested it on Fred’s shoulder as he fought to regain control. He wasn’t done with his lovers...not by a longshot.

When her trembling quieted and she came down off her high, Fred collapsed slightly against Rupert, breathing heavily. She brought her hand up to caress the back of Wesley’s head, her fingers tangling in the short hairs at the base of his neck. “Lo—love you.”

Wesley raised his head, his body still coiled tight, on the edge of that release. Looking down into Fred’s eyes, he felt the emotions tighten his throat. He loved these two people more than anything he had ever loved in his life or ever would. Leaning his head down, he kissed her sweetly, humming happily into the kiss. A chuckle worked its way out of his throat when he felt the strong legs around him, open wider.

“Fred, love, would you care to prepare Rupert?” he asked with a smirk.

Looking into Wesley’s eyes and seeing the love and desire for both of them there, Fred nodded, feeling her heart pounding louder in her ears. Wesley pulled out of her to allow her to slid off Rupert, a small moan issuing from her throat when he popped out. She reached over for the lubricant and slicked up her fingers, remembering the instruction Rupert had given her on preparation. Giving him a smile, she nudged his legs up so they were bent to give her better access and then ran her finger around the edge of his opening. After she poured a little more lubricant on him, she slowly inserted her finger, wriggling it slightly before thrusting gently a few times, delighting in the response she got.

Giles’ breathing became faster, knowing his brilliant love had remembered his “lesson” on preparation. He was still slightly nervous about releasing that part of himself freely, but he loved Fred, and Wesley. Taking a deep breath, he forced himself to relax, his gasp turning into a soft groan, his hips instinctively lifting to seek out more of that delicious pleasure.

Recalling what he had told her about the prostate gland, she curled her finger up, finding it and rubbing it for a few moments. She had seen Wesley’s reaction to having it done to him, and Rupert’s reaction was no less amazing. It made her breath catch in her throat. After several strokes, she felt him open a bit and carefully added a second finger alongside her first, pushing them apart slightly to stretch him out.

Wesley watched Giles buck when Fred hit his prostate again, emitting a half-laugh/half-yelp. He could see the concentration on on his wife’s face, approaching this as she would approach anything new. He was glad for the brief break as it was allowing him to regain some of his control. “He is attractive, isn’t he? So responsive.” He smiled, rubbing a hand over Rupert’s chest as he was prepared.

“Beautiful,” she murmured. He really was. She was so incredibly lucky to have these two handsome, intelligent, loving, amazing men who loved her and made her feel so special, who had given her the child she was carrying, who have given her a place and a family that really felt like home for the first time in years. Adding a third finger, she could feel that he was opening up but knew that it would be Rupert who told her when he was ready.

By this time, Giles was panting, rocking his hips against Fred’s fingers. “Please,” he whimpered. He could feel his cock rapidly filling again. Gripping Wesley’s hand tightly, he tugged him forward. “Please,” he begged, his hips still moving.

It was truly amazing to see that she was causing such a reaction in Rupert. Pulling her fingers out, Fred shifted to the side so Wesley could take over, running her fingers across his torso.

Once Wes was in position, Giles curled a hand behind his neck, drawing him down into a deperate kiss. Reaching between their bodies, Wesley lined himself up and sensed the slight apprehension in his lover. Smiling, he stroked the older man’s face.

“I promise I’ll never hurt you,” he whispered before pushing forward with his hips, filling his lover in one smooth stroke.

“Wesley,” Giles groaned, the sound coming out strangled as he lifted his hips to meet his husband’s.

Fred curled up next to Rupert, continuing to run her hand over his chest. “Both of you are so beautiful to me when you do this,” she breathed, watching her husbands make love.

When he felt Fred settle in next to him, Giles looked at his wife with passion-glazed eyes. Gripping her hair, he drew her mouth to his, his cries of pleasure being swallowed by her lips. Moaning at the vibration his muffled cries sent through her, Fred held him tightly, feeling herself shuddering again. Her hand slipped between him and Wesley, and she gently took his cock in her hand, stroking him.

Wesley moaned at the sight of his husband and wife lost to their pleasure. Snapping his hips, he laughed breathlessly as Giles threw his head back with a gasp. “Felt that, did you?” he chuckled.

“Harder,” Giles growled, clenching around his love, smiling when the younger man emitted his own gasp.

Fred began stroking Rupert more firmly as she nuzzled his neck, kissing and nipping. She then moved up slightly so her mouth was right next to his ear. “You asked me earlier what I wanted to see? I want to see both of you come,” she said softly, not knowing where some of the way she was acting tonight was coming from, but knowing that with her husbands, she could do anything.

Giles felt his lover angle his hips, hitting his prostate with nearly every thrust. That absolute bliss, coupled with Fred’s whispered words in his ear, caused him to buck hard, oblivion claiming him as his cock exploded, shooting his realease all over his chest and belly.

Wesley, in the meantime, felt the burn at the base of his spine, knowing his release was close at hand. When he felt Rupert clench around him, he cried out hoarsely, shooting himself deep into Rupert’s body. He felt his arms give out and collapsed on his lover.

Giles grunted as he landed on him, his arm instinctively wrapping around his husband and wife, drawing them tighter against his body.

Closing her eyes, Fred rested against both of them, feeling them breathing. She could hear Wesley’s heart pounding where her ear was pressed against him and never wanted to let them go.

“Bloody hell,” Wesley finally groaned, starting to move off of his lover. He was surprised when Rupert’s arm tightened around him, holding him in place. “Rupert, I’m too heavy.”

“The hell you are, Skin and Bones,” he teased with a tired smile. “At least there’s nothing wrong with your stamina.” He chuckled, pressing his lips against Wesley’s temple then turning his head to kiss Fred.

She smiled and rested her head against Rupert’s shoulder. “Well, I think my stamina just gave out,” she murmured. She felt some sticky dampness and opened her eyes to see Rupert’s release was starting to seep from between him and Wesley. “Let me go get a washcloth for you two. I’ll be right back.”

Sliding off the bed, she went into the bathroom and grabbed a washcloth from the drawer, turning on the water to wet it. As she stood over the sink, she suddenly felt her stomach twist. “Oh, not now,” she groaned before the nausea hit her full on. She barely made it to toilet in time.

Wesley lifted his head, hearing the sounds of retching coming from the bathroom. “Rupert...” He knew the other man had heard it too. When he lifted himself off, this time he was unrestrained. Padding softly to the bathroom, he saw his wife, hovering over the toilet. Taking a knee next to her, he held her hair back as she was sick. “It’ll be all right,” he whispered, rubbing her back with his free hand.

Coughing, she sat back, tears streaming down her face. “I know,” she said, taking a few deep breaths even as her stomach continued to churn. “I just—I really hate being sick.”

“I know,” Wes told her softly, helping her stand without jarring her too much. “If I could bear this burden for you, I would.” He hated to see her feeling so ill. Reaching for a washcloth, he wet it, wiping her face lovingly.

“I thought I was coming in here to get the washcloth so I could help you and Rupert clean up,” she said with a watery laugh before resting her head against him. “Thank you, Wes.”

“You never have to thank me for taking care of you. It is a job I want for the rest of my life,” he confessed. Once she felt in control a little more, he wiped himself off, even washing the lube off his soft cock before rinsing out the rag. Gently draping his arm around her shoulder, he guided her back toward the bedroom.

“Body and baby decided to revolt on me,” she told Rupert as she crawled onto the bed. Once she curled up next to him, she could feel her nausea disappear. Maybe she should just stay next to him for the next few months, she thought, as she pillowed her head against him.

“I’ll get up early tomorrow and make you some tea and toast,” Giles promised, wrapping his arm around her shoulders, gathering her close. He smiled when Wes wiped off his chest and cock, leaving the washrag on the nightstand before crawling in on the other side of Fred.

“That sounds nice,” she murmured as Wesley spooned up behind her. She truly did have the best husbands in the world. “I love you both.”

“Our wife.” Giles smiled, really enjoying the sound of that. He had knitted his soul to these two wonderful individuals. Wesley, so brilliant, so starved for love, with so much of it to give. And Fred, with her generous spirit and loving heart. No matter what life handed him from this day forward, he was truly blessed.

“Our amazing wife,” Wesley concurred, his eyelids heavy. His body had a delicious ache, and his heart was full. He couldn’t help but feel as if marriage suited him. Legally, Fred was his wife, but the joining ceremony had given them the missing part of them – their husband.

Three. It might be unconventional, but they were definitely the better for it. For everything he had endured in his childhood and in Los Angeles, he wouldn’t trade it for the wide world. Every instance of pain led him to this.

Led him...home.


It had to be the seediest magic dive he had ever been in his life, and he had been in rather a few in his day. Magic junkies, all looking for a quick fix, getting high from some stolen spells, they didn’t know what true power really felt like. He despised the fact that he was even in there.

But he needed the money, so he had taken the job when the firm had offered. Go in, find the git who stole the spellbook from their client and make sure he never did it again. He was going to be too busy spending the rest of his days trying to run from a bloody lot of things that weren’t really there.

The thing about places like this was they clouded the mind and made casting a bit difficult. So when he stepped outside, the retrieved spellbook tucked in his jacket, it was as if a huge weight was lifted – he could feel everything again.

But something was wrong. Standing in the alley, he immediately knew. That feeling – that telltale niggle that had been there for so long, that pull to him – was gone. No, not gone, but lessened. Almost to the point that it might as well have been.

There was only one way that could have happened.

“So, Ripper, you’ve gone and tied yourself to someone else, have you?” Ethan whispered to himself. “Might just have to see about that.”


4th-Aug-2006 05:35 am (UTC)
Great way to end it, with happiness and joy and just a touch of shadow on the horizon for another day's tale. =)
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29th-Oct-2006 11:24 pm (UTC)
I just finished obsessively reading this entire fic (for the past week). I had to tell you how much I loved it. The plot was compelling, the three-way relationship believable, the sex incredibly hot, and Connor was adorable. I take it that the "Book One" part of the title means there will be more? I really hope so.
26th-Feb-2007 01:10 pm (UTC)
I'm so impressed. I can't tell you how much I've enjoyed reading this. I must admit that I was disappointed that you killed off Cordelia but you've more than made up for it with the happiness that the others have gained. I especially like the new Watcher Tony.

Please consider this a heartfelt plea for more!
17th-May-2007 12:09 pm (UTC) - Than you
It took me two days but i have read every word and enjoyed this imensely..
I cannot wait and do in bated breath and anticipation for more..

Thank you for the link and letting me have the honor of reading this truly wonderly written fiction.. i loved it even if There was no spangel but i am glad there was no spuffy either.

Tony seems nice and right for Buffy..
this really makes me see and believe that the possibility of a relationship between wesley,giles and fred is not just pheasable but was written as if it was a real manifestation.

Loved it and i'm not really a Fred Fan but i like wesley and Giles so this just worked so well they compliment each other and the twist at the end with Ethan.. nice leave your readers wanting more...


Thanks again Jess..

~+~ Alexaviera~+~ Aka Lindsey_McDonald6969
5th-Jul-2007 02:57 pm (UTC)
Great story. I really enjoyed it. I hope there is more to come soon. Im sure Ethan will stir things up a bit. *sits and waits patiently...kinda* lol
17th-Jul-2007 11:36 am (UTC)
Followed a link from one of the yahoo groups. I obsessively read this story and thoroughly enjoyed it. I hope you write book two soon.
20th-Sep-2007 05:33 pm (UTC)
what a wonderful and fab story!
17th-Jan-2008 11:50 am (UTC)
Hi - I have a nom for this at the fangfetish awards, but need an email to send it to. Could you email me at fangfetish @ gmail.com

The website your nommed at is www.athenewolfe.com/fangfetish
13th-Nov-2015 11:22 pm (UTC) - Book 2?
I've enjoyed this so much! It's a great story--well done! :) Is there a book 2 that I've somehow missed? if so, I'm looking forward to reading it.

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