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The Meaning of Heroes
Book One: Chapter Nineteen (Part 2 - 5,152 words) 
24th-Jul-2006 06:25 pm
wes/fred/giles OT3!, heroes

Upstairs, Fred and Giles got Wesley into the bedroom, helping him to sit down on the bed. Immediately, he tried to lie back, but both of them stopped, forcing him to remain sitting.

“Come on. We can’t let you go to sleep, Wes,” Fred told him, rubbing her hand across his back. She looked over at Rupert. “Should we get him changed?”

“I’m not sure,” Giles replied with a shrug. “Xander usually took care of me after my concussions. He usually stripped me down to my boxers, I suppose hoping the cool air on my heated skin would help keep me awake. Plus it made me fair game if he needed to pinch or poke me with something to bring me round.”

“We can also get him into the shower a lot easier if we need to,” Fred remarked, helping Rupert keep him upright.

“I’m fine,” Wes managed, trying to push their hands away when they both reached for his clothing.

“You are not fine. You probably feel like someone has literally knocked you stupid,” Giles corrected, gripping the younger man’s shirt tighter to hold him up.

He and Fred worked together to get Wesley stripped to his boxers. Once they had his clothes off, Fred went into the bathroom and got a washcloth, which she wetted with as cold water as she could get from the tap. Heading back out into the bedroom, she sat back down on the bed and put the washcloth across the back of his neck.

Wesley gasped as the cold washcloth hit his skin. “Good God!” he yelped, feeling the cold water running down his back. “That’s cold!”

“I think that’s the point, luv.” Giles smiled, but his smile turned to a frown as he saw Wes’ eyelids grow heavier after his body became accustomed to the shock. “Wes,” he called him, giving his bare shoulder a shake. “You have to stay awake.”

“Come on, Wes.” Fred tried moving the washcloth around to wake up other parts of his body. “We can’t let him win. You fall asleep, and he wins. Oh, screw it, you can hate me for this if you want to.” She gave him a pinch on his side.

He yelped, feeling the sharp pain. Then he felt strong hands cup his face, and closed his eyes, just relishing in the touch. “Wesley, you have to stay awake, you know this,” Giles pleaded.

Wesley knew he was trying, but it was so difficult. Suddenly, he leaned forward and kissed Giles as hard and deep as he could. As embarrassing as Anya’s idea had been, it did have merit.

Fred rubbed the spot she had pinched, her eyebrows raising when Wesley leaned forward to kiss Rupert. Looked like someone had decided which route he wanted to take to try to stay awake. Swallowing, she wrapped her arms around Wesley, holding him up and caressing her fingertips up and down his side.

Giles groaned when his lover’s tongue pressed past his lips, laying claim to a territory he already owned...or at least co-owned. When Wes finally pulled back, he gave a breathless laugh. “When you find my tonsils, may I have them back please?” he panted, surprised at the intensity of his lover’s kiss.

Fred tried to suppress a laugh but found she wasn’t able to, especially when she saw the look on Rupert’s face. “I think that may have woken up the wrong person.”

Giles shook off the haze of desire momentarily, only to see Wesley turn his head, thread his fingers through Fred’s hair, and repeat the sweltering kiss he himself had just been on the receiving end of.

Wesley groaned at the taste of her lips. So different than Rupert but no less delicious. He needed them both, probably more than either of them realized.

Fred felt her heart start thumping at the way Wesley grabbed her and kissed her, suddenly understanding the look on Rupert’s face. Wrapping her arms around him more tightly, she held on for dear life, feeling like she might fall off the bed any moment until finally they had to break for air. “Uh...woah...”

“I think our boy has decided how he wants to try and stay awake,” Giles chuckled, his hand moving up and down Wesley’s bare chest.

“Talking isn’t working,” Wesley managed, ducking his head to nip at the skin of Fred’s throat. His hands slid under her sweater, running over the soft skin.

Moaning a bit, Fred closed her eyes as she ran her hand down Wesley’s back, knowing that they were right. If this was the way he wanted them to keep him awake, then this was what they would do. Slipping her hand under the waistband of Wesley’s boxers, she slid it around to the front and encircled her hand around his cock, stroking it gently, not wanting to bring him up too fast but just enough to keep him awake and focused.

Wesley groaned, instinctively lifting his hips to press into her grasp. Calloused hands rubbed feather soft skin, one of them moving up her torso to cup her breast. Rolling the aureole between his fingers, he leaned forward to kiss her deeply.

Seeing that both of his lovers were completely occupied with each other, Giles stood, quickly shedding his own clothes, tossing them and his boxers onto the chair. Holding his hand out, he called to Fred with a roguish smile.

Fred let out a gasp when Wesley’s fingers suddenly pinched her breast, her nipple feeling quite sensitive to his touch. She pressed closer against him, pushing down his boxers so she could take him more firmly in her hand as he hardened. So engrossed in what they were doing, she didn’t know Rupert had moved away until he called her name, and breaking the kiss with Wesley, she looked up at him, her breath catching in her throat at the sight of him standing there naked. Returning his smile, she let go of Wesley and reached out to take his hand pulling him over to them.

“I’m feeling a bit overdressed,” she said, her voice hitching when Wesley pinched her nipple again.

Wesley chuckled, his own arousal was sending a dull buzz through his system, but Anya was right. The pleasure centers were producing enough adrenaline – it was almost as if he could feel the heaviness lifting slightly. “Rupert, since my reflexes seem to be a bit muddled, perhaps you will oblige us with the unwrapping?” Wesley suggested, a small smile pulling at his lips.

Giving Fred’s hand a tug, he brought her to her feet in front of him, both of them standing just in front of Wesley. He turned her to face their lover as nimble fingers quickly opened the fastening on her skirt. Giles lowered his head, his mouth latching on to her neck, worrying her pulse point with his teeth and tongue.

A shudder ran through Fred as he pushed her skirt off her hips and down to the floor before hooking under the waistline of her panties. She kicked the skirt away before leaning back against him, bending her arm back to wrap around his back. Looking at Wesley through partially closed eyes, she raised her foot up and began running it along the inside of leg up to his thigh.

“Both of you are amazing. Six of you take my breath away,” Wesley joked, trying to play off the fact that the whack to his head had affected his vision. Leaning forward, his hands moved up Fred’s thighs, stopping at her hips as he felt the silk of her panties being lowered.

Giles smiled against her skin as he pressed his lips to the base of her spine. Gripping the bottom of her sweater, he lifted the offending material off as he stood, revealing her to their gazes. Looking over her shoulder with a smile, he chuckled. “We should probably finish unwrapping our boy as well.”

Nodding, Fred leaned over and pushed Wesley to straighten up so she could reach his boxers. When he lifted his hips slightly off the bed, she pulled them off his hips and down his legs, tossing them onto the floor once she had them off. She then ran her hands back up his legs, enjoying the sight of him unclothed and open. Both her men were so unbelievably beautiful.

“I love you,” she whispered before leaning over more to place a kiss on his hardened shaft.

Giles smirked when she bent forward. Lowering his hips, he placed his tip at her opening and pressed forward, sliding into her in one thrust. Gripping her hips, he started a medium pace, using long, firm strokes.

Wesley groaned, feeling her hands moving over his skin. His hands moved over bare shoulders before threading through her dark locks. He could feel her breath on him, causing his own to hitch in his chest. “My heart, my love,” he panted.

“Oh God,” Fred whimpered while Rupert moved inside her. Her head dropped forward for a moment as she adjusted to both him and the way Wesley’s hand moving through her hair sent her nervous system into overdrive. Then, raising her head, she smiled at Wesley before lowering her mouth onto his cock. As she teased him with her tongue and lips, she pressed back against each of Rupert’s strokes.

Giles felt the pleasure run through his system with each thrust. As many times as they had been together, she was still deliciously tight around him. Instinctively, his fingers dug a little harder into her hips as he increased the force of his thrusts. “Fred,” he groaned.

Wesley gasped, feeling the wet heat envelop his shaft, each vibration of her pleasure sending a bolt of lightning through his hard flesh. He knew he couldn’t cum, so he tugged gently on her hair, lifting her head off of him. Before she could protest the move, he leaned forward and kissed her hard, tasting himself on her lips.

She moaned into the kiss with him, Rupert’s thrusts sending pleasure coursing through her countered somewhat by the pain of his fingers digging into her skin. “Rup...Wes...” she choked out. She could feel herself tightening around him, her entire body starting to quiver from overload. “Co—com—oh, god...”

Giles felt her legs start to give before she clamped down on him hard. He wrapped one arm around her waist, holding her weight entirely as he continued to move within her. He slowed his pace gradually before coming to a complete stop. He waited for her to come down, not moving but still buried deep.

Wesley had known the moment she would come, so he pulled back slightly to look at her beautiful face. His breath caught in his throat at the expression that took his breath away. That look in itself was enough to make his cock throb. He kissed her sweetly, trying to give her a ground to return from the whiteness of her release. “You’re amazing,” he rasped, stroking her face.

Before Fred even opened her eyes after coming down of her high, she felt Wesley’s soft kiss. Then she realized that Rupert was holding her up; otherwise, she knew she would have been on the floor in a puddle of goo. And he was still deep inside her as spasms continued to ripple through her. Opening her eyes, she smiled at Wesley, resting her forehead to his. “And here I thought we were trying to keep you awake.”

Wesley chuckled, closing his eyes, relishing in the feel of her skin against his as Giles started moving within her again. “And here I am, still awake,” he told her with a smile, moving a hand against her skin, sliding down her torso, across her breast.

“Fuc—Rup...” she gasped, not having expecting him to start thrusting into her again so soon. She grabbed onto Wes tightly as sensations started running riot through her again, especially when he began toying with her breasts. Oh, God, they were so sensitive, and Rupert was inside her, and she felt like everything was just too much. She had to bury her head against Wesley’s shoulder to try to keep from screaming out loud.

Giles laughed breathlessly as he thrust into his lover. He knew what she had almost said. “Wesley, I’ve noticed our girl has quite the mouth on her when she comes,” he grinned, moving his free hand over her hip, sliding through her folds to rub against her nubbin.

Wesley smiled – he found himself euphoric, wanting to be playful with his lovers, the way he always did when the three of them were together. “You should see her from this side. Her face when she comes takes your breath away,” he panted, his own arousal almost painful...but it was keeping him awake.

“Oh, god...so...not...not fair,” she groaned, having almost jumped when Rupert’s hand slid in between her legs. She felt like she was going to shatter into millions of little bits if this kept up much longer. Perspiration was forming on her, and she could feel droplets slipping down her skin, magnified almost dozens of time. So close...so close...so...

Giles laughed, his voice gruff with the exertion of possessing his lover’s body. Leaning over her back, he continued to move. “Fairness has nothing to do with it. And yet, I still don’t hear a complaint,” he rasped, snapping his hips against her. He gasped hard when she clenched around him, feeling her cum flow as she claimed Wesley’s mouth in a deep, bruising kiss.

Wesley gasped when oxygen became a necessity. Holding his hands out, he helped Giles lower a dazed Fred to the mattress. “I want to taste you both, so come here,” he managed, gripping Rupert’s hip. He drew his older lover toward him, his lips closing around the rigid shaft. He groaned as Fred’s taste assaulted him.

Fred had to take a few moments to catch her breath once Wesley and Rupert lowered her to the bed. Once she finally felt herself settle down, she pushed herself up on her elbow, swallowing when she saw Wesley sucking on Rupert’s cock, knowing that he could taste her on him. Shifting, she wrapped herself around Wesley, holding him and feeling his groans reverberate through her.

The air filled with Giles’ sighs and moans of pleasure as Wesley worked his hard shaft like a master. He knew Fred was watching, and the thought made him smile. “Our little voyeur. How does it make you feel, Fred? To know that Wesley can taste your cum on my cock?” he asked, knowing not only the image but also the crude language would cause a jolt of pleasure to shoot through her. His fingers threading through Wesley’s short spikey hair, he groaned loudly as the younger man had him on edge. “I’m....almost there.....Wesley,” he panted, his hips moving of their own accord, sliding his flesh in and out of Wesley’s mouth

Fred let out a shuddering breath when Rupert spoke to her the way he did. He knew how to talk to her, just the way he knew how to touch her, in order to get a reaction out of her. Reaching up, she ran her hand along his arm, feeling the slightly sweaty stickiness there. “God, both of you are so beautiful,” she whispered softly.

Giles gasped, throwing his head back with a groan. “Christ, he’s good at this,” he managed, feeling himself skirting that sharp edge. He was close, the painful burn in the base of his spine telling him he was about to lose his control. His fingers tightened in Wesley’s hair hard as he called the younger man’s name, exploding deep in his throat.

Wesley held on to Rupert’s hips as he felt his mouth flooded. Swallowing around the twitching flesh, he groaned with each shot that hit his tongue. He would never tire of doing this for his lover. When he felt the tremors subside, after several moments, Wesley pulled back, licking his lips. “Delicious.”

Wanting to share, Fred moved up and tilted Wesley’s head towards her, kissing him deeply and moaning softly at the salty taste of Rupert on his tongue. When they finally parted, the three of them looked at each other before Wesley and Fred reached up and pulled Rupert down onto the bed with them. As they lost themselves in a tangle of legs and arms and kisses, Fred knew that she was going to be sore by the time morning rolled around, but for Wesley – and for Rupert - it was worth it.


Giles sighed tiredly. It had been a few days since young Antony – or Tony as everyone had since taken to calling him – had helped them outside of the Magic Box, and Buffy had been right to bring the young Watcher into their circle. He had some good ideas. He looked up at him now, biting back a small smile when he thought of the growing bond between his Slayer and the young man. He had never seen her more welcoming to another Watcher.

When the door to the house opened, he looked over, breathing a sigh of relief as Xander, Buffy and Anya came inside, safe and sound. “Everything go all right today?” he asked.

“I still don’t like the fact that we have to close early,” Anya groused, plopping down into the nearest chair in an angry huff. “Stupid vampire is affecting my money.”

Shaking her head, Buffy rolled her eyes as she flopped down on the couch. “Yes, Anya, because I’m sure it would be soooo much better to be dead and not able to make any money anymore ever.” She looked over at Giles, Tony and everyone else since they had been in the middle of a planning session when she and Xander had needed to leave to get Anya before it got dark. “So, anything come up while we were gone?”

“Not really,” Wesley replied as he leaned back in his chair. “Rupert is determined that Xander and Anya get their wedding, regardless of Angelus’ antics.” He glanced over at his lover, still not certain this was the right course of action.

“That’s our G-Man – getting us what we want, come Hellmouth or high water?” Xander quipped.

“High Water? Should I be worried, Xander,” Tony asked with a wry smile.

“Well, it is California. One good earthquake, and we could be an island.” Smirking, he sat on the floor in front of his fiancée’s chair.

“Actually, if an earthquake hits and causes California to break off, we won’t so much be an island as a—,” Fred started to say before she realized that discussing that sort of thing wasn’t exactly a cheery sort of subject. “Never mind.”

Stifling a laugh, Buffy looked over at Tony. “I’m kinda surprised you haven’t decided to take a chance with Angelus after spending the last few days with all of us here.”

“The thought has crossed my mind,” he admitted with a smirk. “But then someone proves that the company can be quite charming as well, and I find myself staying. Besides, it’s either you lot or Travers. Which would you choose?”

“Angelus,” Giles, Wesley and Xander all replied at the same time.

“Hey,” Anya said, swatting her fiancé.

“Anya, you have to admit that even you would rather take a chance with Angelus after spending the last few days here,” Dawn pointed out as she sat on the floor with Connor. “Why do you think you’ve been complaining about having to shut down the shop early? You’d rather stay there than be cramped up with us in here.”

“The lo—loss of freedom is a bit daunting,” Tara managed, her voice soft. Like the others, she would rather have this over with.

“Giles...” Xander rubbed the back of his neck uncomfortably when Anya nudged him. “With us getting married in a couple of weeks...um, you think you might be willing to...um...”

“Say it, Xander!” Connor giggled, rocking back and forth before springing up and plopping down on Dawn’s lap.

“Would you...?” Xander met the gaze of the man he considered his father. “Would you be my Best Man?”

Giles gasped, surprised at the request and flattered. “Wow, Xander. I...I would be honored,” he replied, the awe clear in his tone.

“Finally,” Dawn said as she tried to keep Connor from squirming too much as he sat with her. “Was wondering when you’d finally get around to asking him. So Anya, what about your bridesmaids?”

“Well, I was planning on asking Halfrek to be my maid of honor...if I can track her down. She hasn’t been around much recently,” she answered. “But I do want Buffy, Tara, Willow and Dawn to be my bridesmaids. Sorry, Fred...I just haven’t—.”

“It’s okay,” Fred said, holding up her hand. “Really, I understand.”

“Does that mean we’re going to have to wear, like, actual bridesmaid’s dresses?” Willow asked, wrinkling her nose at the thought.

“It won’t be that bad, Wills.” Xander gave his best friend his most charming smile. “For me? Yellow crayon guy?” He gave her the puppy pout and then thrust his hand in the air in victory when he saw her capitulation in her eyes. “Wes, Fred...we were wondering if you would loan us our favorite little man to be a ring bearer?”

Before either of them could answer, Anya chimed in with her question. “Also, I read that in human weddings, a father figure walks the bride down the aisle. Since you’re the only human left with a penis, would you walk me down the aisle, Wesley?”

As Willow buried her face in her hands, her shoulders shaking with silent laughter, Buffy let out a snort. “Ohh, that’s gotta be the classiest question you’ve asked yet, Anya.”

“Well, he is!”

Fred, who had been biting her bottom lip to keep from bursting out laughing at Wesley’s expression, managed to choke out, “I’m sure Connor will love being your ring bearer. As for the other request...Wesley...?”

“Sure, Anya,” he managed to choke out. “Connor and I would be overjoyed to be a part of your wedding.” He looked around at his new family, seeing them all fighting their laughter. “Oh, go ahead. Don’t hold it in on my account.”

He leaned back on the couch, rubbing his hands over his face as if he could wipe away that embarrassing question while everyone finally burst out laughing, unable to hold it in any longer. Fred shifted up from the floor to sit on the arm of the couch and rub Wesley’s back in sympathy.

“Good lord, she is an acquired taste, isn’t she,” Tony stated as he sat wide-eyed, staring between Anya and poor Mr. Wyndam-Pryce.

“You have no idea,” Giles replied, his tone dry.

“Jeez, it’s not like I actually asked about his pe—,” Anya started to say when suddenly, she felt a like a lance was being run through her head. Gasping, she sat forward, her hands flying up to press against her temples, as images ran through her mind like a disjointed a movie – a middle-aged man with graying hair and a beard making rather pointed gestures, Angelus coming up behind him and grabbing him, teeth sinking into his neck, the man’s throat being ripped out... “No, stop it! Stop it, stop it, stop it!”

Fred felt her throat tighten the moment Anya bent over, and her eyes widened in disbelief. She couldn’t be...? She looked down at Wesley. “I think she’s...”

“Having a vision,” Wesley finished before hurrying to Anya’s side as Xander scrambled out of the way. He grabbed her shoulders, pressing her into the chair while she rode it out.

“What?!” Xander demanded to know what was happening, unable to keep the worry out of his voice.

“I don’t know how, but she seems to have inherited Cordelia’s visions,” Wesley replied sharply. This didn’t make sense; the visions followed the Powers’ champion, Angel...not them.

“She’s having visions?” Buffy said, dumbfounded at what was going on, not sure what to do. She had never experienced anything like this before.

“Yes,” Fred said before hurrying upstairs and grabbing the bottle of painkillers they had in the bathroom. Running back down, she went into the kitchen and got a glass of water, which she brought back out to the main room.

The images finally disappeared, and slowly, the pain began to ebb away. When Anya opened her eyes again, she found Fred holding out the water and pills while everyone else sat staring at her. “Stupid ex-girlfriends. She did this me! She said I had to take these stupid visions, and now I have them, and they hurt!”

Wesley watched wide-eyed as Anya took the pain killers from Fred and downed them. He could feel all eyes on him, almost as if they were demanding an explanation. “The Powers That Be, in Los Angeles...they originally gave visions to a half-breed Brachen demon who worked with Angel and Cordelia. His name was Doyle. He died the week before I showed up, apparently saving Angel, Cordy and an entire cargohold full of Lister Demons under attack from a weapon lowered in by The Scourge. Doyle jumped on the orb, sacrificing himself to disarm it, but not before he kissed Cordelia, transferring the visions to her. They’re images – pictures of things that have happened or could happen – dangers the Powers wanted us to dispatch. Cordelia had them for nearly two years before we realized that they were killing her, destroying her brain. It turned out that you need to be at least a half-breed demon to keep the visions without them killing you. It makes sense, with Anya having been a demon, that they would pass to her. She’s the only one of us here that could maintain them safely. But the important questions are how did Cordelia give them to her...and what did she see?”

“Hey, she is right here, and she did not lose her ability to hear and understand when the stupid ex-girlfriend gave her—I mean, me these stupid visions,” Anya griped, taking another gulp of the water. “She came into my dream the night you guys buried her. Said that she was told by the Powers she had to pick one of us for the visions or the Powers would do it for her. I—I didn’t want to take the chance that Xander would get them, so I agreed. And she kissed me.” She made a face. “This is worse that those diseases that tribe cursed on you. This is like...STD from an ex-girlfriend only without the fun part first!”

Giles was just as astounded as the others. He could see the deeper shock in Wesley and Fred, but his lover was right, they needed to know what she saw. “Anya! Focus!” He snapped. “Take a deep breath and tell us what you saw! It could be of the utmost importance!”

“What?” she asked, looking over at him. “Oh...all right...um...it was—it was at the chapel Xander and I decided to book for the wedding. There was this guy...grey hair, beard, suit. He was yelling at someone, I think...and then...Angelus...he...he...” She swallowed, shaking her head at the memory of the image. “He showed up, grabbed the guy and ripped his throat out.”

“Xander, do you have anyone in your family that looks like whom she mentioned?” Wesley asked, still a bit shaken that the visions were back in their lives.

Xander kneeled next to his fiancée’s chair, putting his arms around her gently. He was still worried – what would this mean for them? “It could be...my Uncle Rory. His hair’s grey, and last time I went to see him, to borrow his car, he was growing a mustache and a beard.”

“Well, until we know for certain, I hate to break this to you, but you can’t invite any of your family if you want the wedding to go forward as planned. Anya’s friends are demons, so most can take care of themselves, but your human family would be a virtual buffet for Angelus.” Giles explained, regrettably.

“There’s a great loss,” he muttered sarcastically. “Now maybe we can have an honor bar at the reception without running up a tab the size of the national debt.”

“Wait a minute, if we don’t invite Xander’s family, doesn’t that mean we won’t get presents from them?” Anya asked. “Aren’t these visions just what could happen? It doesn’t mean that it will.”

Fred shook her head as she took the now empty water glass from Anya. “You don’t want to take that chance. It’s best to not even put any of Xander’s relatives in the way if you can help it.”

“Well, pooh,” she responded with a sigh. “Oh, all right. We won’t invite Xander’s side. But we’re still sending them announcements.”

Giles looked over at Wes worriedly, seeing that his lover was still deep in thought. Nudging the younger man with his foot to get his attention, he smiled sadly when he looked up at him and placed a hand on his forearm. “Are you all right?”

“She knew,” Wesley said, still stunned. “Even though we parted on bad terms, she knew we couldn’t handle the visions, and she made certain they went to Anya.” He knew Cordelia could hold a grudge that could extend past the grave, but she had gone out of her way to make certain that the visions didn’t go to him or Fred. It gave him a certain degree of peace to know that she still cared.

“She loved you, Wes, both of you. You have to know that,” Giles told him, giving his forearm a reassuring squeeze.

Lorne watched what was going on from the side of the room, wondering for a moment why, since he was actually a demon, Cordelia hadn’t chosen him for the visions. Was it because of his ability to read people when they sang? He felt bad, though, after seeing what Cordy had gone through, seeing that now someone else had to deal with them. He looked up toward the ceiling, hoping that Powers knew what they were doing and wondering if he ought to have everyone in the house sing for him with everything that was going on.

But did he really want to know if things were going to go bad for them?

“All right, Fred. You have the notepad, so we’ll add the new details regarding the wedding. We need to discuss the safest way to arrange all this. Xander and Anya have made it a little easier by having it during the day, but those of us who have lived here these past few years know these sewers intimately. It’s not enough to keep a determined vampire at bay. So let’s get to work,” Giles said with a sigh, leaning forward on the couch.


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