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The Meaning of Heroes
Book One: Chapter Four (9,066 words) 
20th-Aug-2005 03:14 pm
wes/fred/giles OT3!, heroes

Giles left Wesley to translate the rest of the scroll, hoping that it would give them some insight into what was coming. He pulled half a dozen books from Wesley’s collection and, grabbing a pad, set about his own research, taking notes when he came across anything they could use. About 45 minutes later, Fred resurfaced with tea and food, but no one was willing to stop researching, so they ate on the couch.

Gathering more details from Fred about this Sahjahn, Giles decided to change tactics. After passing his notes and the few texts he had over to her, he concentrated on following the trail of the demon himself. Knowing Sahjahn’s powers might help them understand how to get into Quor’Toth a little easier. So while Wes concentrated on the scroll and Fred on the location itself, he focused his efforts on the thing that caused all of this. They stuck to those assignments for a good eight hours with either he or Fred taking breaks to refresh the tea. It wasn’t until the words on the page started to run together that he looked up.

“I think I’m done for now. I’ve read this same paragraph at least a half dozen times,” he admitted, closing his book. He smirked over at Wes, who was still engrossed in the scroll. “And you...” He nudged the younger man with his shoulder. “You need sleep. I know you’re excited about this, but we aren’t going to do Connor any good if we’re half-dead from exhaustion.”

Fred nodded in agreement and put her book down along with the pad of paper she had been taking notes on before stretching out her back. “I didn’t think I’d ever say this, but if I read anymore, I’m pretty sure my brain’s going to explode from information overload.”

Looking over at Wesley, she saw he was still reading the scroll despite Giles’ telling him to stop for the night. With a shake of her head, she reached over and slid the scroll out of his hands, replacing the empty space with one of her own and handing the parchment over to Giles.

“No more, or you’re gonna go cross-eyed.” She stood up from the couch, still holding Wesley’s hand in hers. “I—I’ll come with you if you’d like,” she told him, knowing that one of them should probably stay with him to make sure that he got some sleep.

Giles chuckled softly, taking the parchment from Fred. Despite her claims of not knowing Wesley as well as she should, it was clear she had his number on a great many things. She also had his heart, which made the young woman very important to Giles. “I’ll clean up, and take the couch. You two take the bed,” he offered, already moving to stack everything neatly. “We can pick this up in the morning.”

Wesley blushed when he realized the others were talking to him. He had zoned out, deep in research again. He swallowed past the lump in his throat when she offered to sleep in his bed. Nodding hesitantly, he entwined their fingers, giving her hand a squeeze. Looking up with a shy smile, he nodded at Rupert. ‘Night,’ he mouthed to the other man before bracing his weight on the couch and forcing himself into a standing position.

He allowed Fred to lead him into the bedroom before dropping his tired body on the bed. Slowly, he began to undo the buttons on his shirt, peeling it off his body. He popped the snap on the jeans and had them half way down his long legs before he realized that he was getting naked in front of Fred. He ducked his head in embarrassment, not sure whether to pull them back up or to finish taking them off.

She had just closed the door and turned around when she saw him sitting on the bed, his shirt off and his hands frozen over his jeans. Walking over, she knelt in front of him, placing her hands over his. “It’s okay. You don’t have to be embarrassed.”

Then she looked at his chest more closely...and realized why he probably had stopped. His entire torso was riddled with scars – long lacerated cuts and what looked to be bite marks and what could only be a gun shot wound. It looked like he had been to hell and back just based on the damage across his body. Now it seemed he had another scar for the collection.

“Oh, Wesley,” she whispered, her fingers tracing over the marred skin. He had obviously been through more than anyone should ever have to deal with. “What—can you tell me...what happened?” She glanced over to the pad of paper sitting on the side table.

Wesley took a deep breath, trying to calm his nerves. After sliding the jeans the rest of the way off and leaving them on the floor, he reached for the pad on the side table with trembling fingers. He hadn’t meant for Fred to find out this way, but now that the situation was inescapable gracefully, he had to tell her. He didn’t want secrets between them.

You remember Cordelia and me talking about Faith? The Slayer? he asked, forcing himself to continue when she nodded. She was extremely unstable. Wolfram and Hart tried to use that instability to their favor by hiring her to kill Angel. Only he wouldn’t play her game. She caught Cordelia and me at her flat, knocked Cordelia out and took me to motivate Angel to come after her. We covered two of the five methods of pain. I was beaten severely – ‘blunt’ – and these... He paused and pointed to several scars on his shoulder and chest. These were made by a broken piece of glass from a picture frame – that was ‘sharp.’ The small ones are from when I was inside the first office and it exploded around me. A little present to A.I. from Vocah and Wolfram and Hart. The bite happened after Angel fired us and we decided to continue on with the business. A Demon was trying to drag a pregnant woman away. Gunn and I fought him and saved the girl, but it bit me. He looked down at the gunshot scar, wiping a thumb over it as if it burned. This was from a zombie police man. He was about to shoot Gunn and two of his friends. I interrupted, he explained. The ones on my back are from my father’s lash. Failure to translate something incorrectly or to finish an assignment in the allotted time. He sighed, his body tense, waiting for her to say something.

Fred gazed over each scar as she read how they had come about. When he told her about the gunshot wound, she nearly started crying – none of them had mentioned that before. Charles had never even uttered a word about it, about the fact that Wesley had obviously saved his life. And he had been so willing to kick him out after that. God, how could she had ever been interested in anyone who would throw away a friendship like that instead of trying to understand why something had been done.

Shaking her head, she continued to trace her fingers over the scars. Even with them, even though he had been through so much, he was beautiful, she thought.

Wesley’s trembling became more pronounced when her fingers grazed his skin. His stomach muscles clenched involuntarily when she traced the scar left by the bullet. He could see her mind working, taking in this new information. He could also see the sadness for him and the pain he had endured. Reaching out a hand, he stroked her hair gently, trying to convey through touch that he was all right now.

She could see he was waiting for her to say something – anything. She didn’t know what though. Words didn’t seem to be appropriate because anything she could have said just didn’t seem right. So instead, she leaned forward and pressed several kisses to some of the scars before standing up and pushing the top of her dress down to around her waist. She heard his intake of breath, but that wasn’t the reason she had done what she had done.

Biting her lip, she turned around, allowing him to see what she had kept hidden from all the others for the last year.

His breath caught in his chest when she leaned forward, the brush of her lips on his torso, like a direct current to his penis. When she stood suddenly, he watched her curiously, wondering what she was going to do. His eyes widened when she revealed her upper body to him, the beautiful sight of her causing him to gasp. But raising his eyes to her face, he could tell there was something she was nervous about showing him. When she turned around, he felt his heart plummet.

Marring the beautiful skin of her back were crisscrossing scars. Whip marks, no doubt put there by the Pyleans. He felt the tears welling up in his eyes. They knew she had been through hell there, but he hadn’t known to what depths until now. Reaching his hand out, he wrapped an arm around her waist and drew her back into his lap. Angling her so that she could see his face, he leaned forward and kissed her sweetly. He was trying to convey his thoughts in that one taste of her lips. They were both damaged, emotionally and physically, but none of it mattered. Together, they could find the happiness that would allow them to heal.

Fred would have protested him pulling her into his lap when he was still recovering, but his lips on hers pushed all thoughts of that out of her head. Her eyes drifted closed while they kissed, her hand running up to cup his cheek. They were like that for several long moments, and she could feel what their proximity was doing to him, and it worried her that this might be too much for him, too soon. She loved him – God knew she did – and she wanted to be with him, but she didn’t think he might be ready.

“Wesley,” she whispered against his lips, not wanting to pull away. “I don’t—I mean, I do, but I don’t think you can—you’re still recovering—.”

Wesley pulled back slightly, reaching for the pad once again. His breathing was harsh with the effort of trying to calm his body. He looked deep into her brown eyes, seeing his own desire mirrored back at him.

I have loved you for nearly a year. I want to show you. Yes my body is weaker. You may have to do the ‘driving. He smirked for a moment. But if you’re not ready, I can wait. I just want you to know you mean too much to me to mess this up. Even if I only hold you tonight, it’s enough.

A smile played across her lips as she read his message. Giles would probably kill her in the morning, but at the moment, she didn’t care much. She just wanted to be with him. Everything had been so intense and frightening and mind-blowing, and now she was here with him, and she didn’t want to waste anymore time.

Taking the pad from him, she put it back on the table and then shifted so she could push him back onto the bed, straddling him as she leaned over to kiss him deeply, careful of his bandages. “This tell you whether I’m ready or not?” she asked softly, straightening up a bit to pull her dress up from around her waist and off her to deposit on the floor. Reaching behind her back, she unsnapped her bra and pulled it off as well.

Wesley lay on his back, looking up at the woman who owned him, heart and soul. He knew she didn’t consider herself a conventional beauty, like Cordelia, but to him, she was exquisite. He gaped at the sight of her long legs, his body standing up to take notice as he wondered how they would feel wrapped around him. When she dropped her bra, he felt his heart skip a beat, his breath freezing in his chest. He reached out a hand for her, drawing her up over his body when she took it.

‘Breathtaking,’ he mouthed, sitting up to claim her lips.

Fred felt the heat rising as they kissed deeply again, rubbing against each other through the thin material of their undergarments. She had seen what he had told her and knew that every time he looked at her, knowing how he felt about her, that she was beautiful. She wasn’t just someone with cute little quirks or a status symbol. She was his Fred – she was herself – and that was enough for her, that was all that mattered, no matter how anyone else felt.

Trailing her lips from his mouth, she pressed kisses along his jawline then to his collarbone, drawing patterns with her tongue down to his nipples. It was rather fun to have this sort of power, to know that she was causing the soft sounds he was making despite his injury. She pressed a finger to his lips as she kissed the line down to his belly button, moving her body to slide off the bed. Then with a grin up at him, she grasped his boxers and pulled them down his legs, her heart skipping a beat when she saw all of him, all of him there for her. No teasing or joking here now.

Wesley gasped as the cool air touched his heated flesh. His penis was standing up, hard against his belly. He couldn’t remember wanting anyone or anything more than he wanted her at that moment. Needing a few seconds to compose himself, he stroked her hair. The look in her eyes as she looked at him in all his glory, made the column of flesh twitch under her scrutiny.

‘For you,’ he mouthed before moving back on the bed so that his head was on the pillow. He patted the mattress, waiting for her to join him.

“For me,” she murmured back and quickly shimmied out of her own panties before crawling back onto the bed. Her hands ran up his legs to gently encircle him, rubbing up and down his shaft for a few moments. The expressions that played across his face were wonderful, making the heat inside her drop lower and almost seem to pulse. She leaned down and kissed him again as she straddled him once more. She didn’t want to torture him – either of them really – with any further explorations. They would have time for that later when they could really enjoy that sort of thing.

Wesley rolled his head back, his face contorted in pleasure as her small hand wrapped around him. Her slow strokes sent fire up his spine, radiating outward. He was almost thankful when her leg was thrown over his hips. He wasn’t sure he could handle much – he was already too close as it was. He looked up at her, the blue in his eyes almost gone, lost in his desire and hunger for Fred. Wesley felt her hand surround him again and grit his teeth as she placed his tip at her opening.

She slowly lowered herself down, taking him in her a bit at a time, her breath catching in her throat as she did so. Once she had settled all the way down, she didn’t move at first, but simply held herself there, looking at him, her hands resting on his chest. It seemed almost too amazing to realize that they were together there like this, after so much had happened since they had met.

“Are you okay?” she whispered, determined to take this slow so she wouldn’t do anything to hurt him.

He released a whispered moan, feeling her heat envelop him completely. It took a moment for it to penetrate the fog that she had asked him something. He nodded, not entirely certain what he was answering. His hands gripped her waist, and as soon as he felt her stretch fully to accommodate him, he began moving, planting his feet on the mattress to give him a little purchase.

Fred gasped softly when he started thrusting up into her, the sensations shooting through her like electrical impulses. Everything in her was centered on the man beneath her as she moved against him, riding him up and down in slow rhythm that kept building. His fingers dug slightly into her waist, almost as he didn’t want to let her go, like he was afraid she might disappear. But she wasn’t going anywhere. She was where she wanted to be, and she knew she would do anything for him. She had shown that she would by leaving the only life she had known since Pylea behind. But they would build a new life – they would be together, and they would be parents to Connor.

Continuing to drive down onto him, she moaned, tilting her head back as her eyes closed. The feelings were almost overwhelming, the heat that burned inside her belly threatening to consume her at any moment. But she didn’t want this to end. Leaning forward again, her hair fell into her eyes, and she quickly pushed it out of the way, giving him a smile as she did.

Wesley could feel the heat coiling at the base of his spine. He knew once they started, he wouldn’t last long. This woman was too ingrained in his soul. Every stroke of flesh sent an echoing caress through his body. The sounds coming from her were driving him insane. He was determined to take her over with him. Sliding a shaky hand between her legs, his thumb found her nubbin, and he began circling it as she rode him. He could feel her inner muscles fluttering around him and knew she was close. He wanted to tell her to let go, but he knew she would chastise him if he attempted to speak, so he tried to convey the message by touch, by caressing her body and face, by keeping up his pace.

She was so near – every nerve in her was threatening to overload, and her entire body was tightening to the point of feeling like it might shatter into a million pieces if she let go. Wesley’s free hand moved up cup her cheek, his thumb dragging across her lips, and she knew what he wanted. She could tell by the way his other continued to work her and the way he ever so slightly quickened his thrusts. But her body felt as though everything was just hanging there, and she couldn’t breathe, and she couldn’t speak, and she couldn’t tell him that it was too much with his hands and him inside her and all the sensations just waiting to explode. Until finally, it did, and everything began convulsing within her as she choked out his name.

Wesley felt her clench around him so hard that it drew his own release out with such searing intensity, he thought he might black out. He moaned slightly, feeling no pain except the sweet release into the woman he loved. Instinctively, he put his hands out to catch her as she slumped against his chest. His vision still hadn’t cleared, so he used touch to continue convey his feelings. Stroking one calloused hand up and down her back, it took several minutes to get control of his breathing. He looked down at the brown head pillowed on his chest and smiled when she looked up at him.

‘Wow,’ he mouthed before lifting his head to kiss her.

“Very wow,” she said and then pressed her lips to his for several long moments. She didn’t want to move from where she was, felt like they could have stayed this way for the rest of the night. She knew, however, that it probably wouldn’t be a good idea, all things considered. Slowly, she shifted off him but didn’t move away, instead cuddling up against him, her hand stroking gently over his chest. “Definitely a good thing we aren’t in the hospital anymore. I think I would have definitely gotten myself chucked out if the nurse had caught us doing that.”

Wesley grinned reaching over for the pad. He hated not being able to talk to her, but if he could follow the doctor’s orders, he could start testing out his voice again in a few days. He was a little concerned as to how much his voice would be altered by his injury. But he knew in his heart, it wouldn’t matter a whit to Fred if it was.

Bugger the nurse. If she would have come in, I would have chucked her out. Smiling, he let a whisper of a groan when she moved off to the side, feeling himself slide out of her. Although we probably would have blown the fuse on that heart monitor. He smirked when she cuddled into his side.

She laughed softly when she read what he had written, remembering the way they had tested that heart monitor several times before they had finally been able to bring him home – the way he had reacted when she kissed him, the way he had reacted when Giles had touched him. Looking up at Wesley, she considered him for a moment, wondering if she should ask. If they were going to be in a relationship, wouldn’t it be better to know if...?

“Wesley, can I ask you something. You don’t have to answer me if you don’t want to, but I—if we’re going to—it won’t change at all how I feel, especially not after that, but I just wanted to know, are you—do you have feelings...for Giles? Beyond friendship, I mean.”

Rupert is...complex. When I was in Sunnydale before, nobody liked me and rightfully so. I was so green, fresh out of the academy. And I was hard on all of them, so pompous and arrogant. Thought I knew everything. But I wasn’t as hard on any of them as I was on Rupert. Those same traits I adore him for now, I ridiculed him for then. Caring too much, not being able to separate the job from his personal feelings. I realize now, it’s what makes him the phenomenal man he is. I’m not exactly sure what you’re asking. I love you, Fred. If you’re asking me if I love Rupert the same way, I can’t answer that. I’ve never had a chance to get close to him like that. He is undoubtedly attractive. Both in appearance and in the way he loves so absolutely. Under other circumstances... He smiled at her.

If I didn’t have a girlfriend, I might have chanced finding out if he and I... He looked away, trying to figure out how to word what he said next. I know the others consider me oblivious about some things. On the phone, I never knew...but I’ve seen the way he looks at me, the way he touches me. But I also know he is an honorable man. He won’t interfere where he feels he isn’t invited.

“I know,” she said once she had read through what he had written. “And I know you love me. Tonight definitely proved that even if everything you’ve done for me before this hadn’t already. And I love you too.”

She took a breath, trying to sort out her feelings in her mind. Why was she asking? Because of the feelings she was getting when she watched the two of them together? Because somewhere in her, she also found Giles attractive despite having known him for such a short time and knew that Wesley did as well, and they had known each other for so much longer? Because she was curious, and that was always and forever going to be her failing, no matter what? Because she realized that she would do anything to make him happy, and she knew part of that was a need for Giles? In a way, that had already been proven over the last few days.

“Your answer doesn’t change how I feel. It can’t. I just—I saw the way the two of you are together, saw the reactions you seem bring out in each other, and something in me wondered—if he was...something you wanted. I know you want me, and you have me and always will...but...do you want him too?” She rested her hand over his heart. “If you do, I understand.”

Fred, I... He took a deep breath. Was she offering what he thought she was? I don’t know if I could do that to you. I don’t want you to resent me or Rupert in six months or so because we got curious. You’ve had enough to deal with. I love you – even more now. And even though that generous spirit I adore so much wants to let me invite another man into our bed for me...I won’t risk us. You’re too bloody important. Rupert and I can deal with it. We’re not going to stop being friends just because we aren’t shagging.

“You won’t be risking us. I won’t resent you. I can’t resent you.” She looked down at her hand, trying to work out how to explain this to him, to make him understand without sounding like she was some kind of...voyeur or slut or something. “I—I find that I’m...attracted to Giles, too. I mean, I doubt he’s even thought of me that way all things considered, but there’s a part of me that definitely is, and I know that if I am and you are, and he’s attracted to you, and...” She blew air out through her teeth in frustration. “I can’t even explain myself right. I want you to be happy, Wesley, after everything you’ve gone through, and I can see that a part of that happiness is because of Giles, because he’s here. And if you want him...then I want him too.”

Wesley smiled, amused that even in bed, she managed to come up with an impressive piece of Fred babble. Thank God he was fluent. He was surprised when she admitted being attracted to the other man as well. It was an odd feeling. Wesley knew in his heart he hated the idea of Fred kissing another man that wasn’t him, but with his friend it was different. He knew Rupert would be patient and wouldn’t hurt her for the world. And if he had to be honest with himself, the thought of watching them together caused familiar stirrings in his groin. He looked down into her brown eyes, smiling when he saw love for him, but there were two other things there. She was curious, that he expected. But there also seemed to be a hunger that was different than the one he saw before.

You find the idea of Rupert and I together exciting? he asked, smiling when she blushed at the words and looked away. There was no condemnation in him. At this point, it would be hypocritical. Dropping the pad, he gripped her chin lightly, steering her gaze back to his.

‘So do I,’ he mouthed with a sly smile. He looked toward the closed bedroom door, motioning toward it with his head in an unspoken suggestion. ‘Let’s go get him.’

Fred looked down at themselves and grinned at that, just imagining Giles’ reaction when they walked out there, buck naked. Sliding off the bed, she extended her hand to help Wesley up. He was moving around a bit more easily now, which she was glad to see, especially after what they had just been up to. Before they opened the door, she rose up on her tiptoes and gave him a deep kiss, just to make sure he knew how she felt. She smoothed his hair back from his face and eyes and then opened the door.

“Giles,” she called out to the man on the couch to get his attention.

Giles had just dozed off. He had heard the noises coming from the bedroom and had forced himself to ignore his body’s reaction to them. Habitually, he was a light sleeper, so when he heard the distinctive feminine voice call his name, his eyes instantly snapped open. He stood from the couch, forgetting that he had stripped down to his boxers to sleep.

“Fred? What’s wrong? Is Wesley all right?” he asked, not prepared for the sight before him as he turned around. Standing in front of him were the very figments of his thoughts, and neither of them had a stitch of clothing on. Feeling the familiar hardening in his shorts, he would have been able to string together two thoughts right now if his life depended on it.

Wesley smiled at Giles’ reaction, his own eyes widening when he looked down to see that Giles’ boxers had suddenly become very tight. He shared a knowing glance with Fred, nodding toward Giles as if to tell her to say something to him. Circling the stunned man, he moved his hand across his back, relishing in the moan his actions drew.

Any question about what they were doing had definitely gone out the window the moment Fred had seen Giles’ reaction to them—to Wesley. As Wesley moved to stand next to him, his hand running along his back, she walked to stand in front of him, knowing that she would have normally felt slightly bashful about all this but unable to now considering how open Wesley and Giles had been with their reactions. Reaching up, she pressed a hand to Giles’ cheek.

“Wesley and I were talking, and we’d—we decided that we’d like you to join us. In there,” she told him, tilting her head to indicate Wesley’s bedroom.

“What?” Giles gasped, his head spinning, his eyes wide. He could hear his blood pounding in his ears, and he looked to Wes for confirmation. The younger man nodded, tilting his head toward Fred in invitation. Slowly, he stood tall in front of Fred and lowered his head to press his lips to hers. He slid his tongue past her lips, taking his time investigating every crevice of her mouth. It had been too long. So wrapped up in her taste was he, he never felt Wesley’s long fingers slip under the waistband of his boxers until the warm hand closed around his hard flesh. He made an unintelligible noise, which was swallowed by Fred’s mouth.

Fred was surprised when Giles leaned down and pulled her in for a kiss, having expected him to kiss Wesley first...and not expecting him to kiss her at all. At least not to begin with. It definitely answered the question she had had earlier about whether he even saw her in that way. Closing her eyes, she wrapped her arms around his neck and opened her mouth to a bit wider. She could feel Wesley standing next to them, the hand reaching in between them, the moan from Giles vibrating against her lips. Her entire head was spinning from the idea of this and knowing that it was really happening.

Slowly, she broke the kiss, her breath catching in her chest. She felt a bit light-headed as she turned her head to look at Wesley then glanced back at Giles. Keeping one arm locked around Giles, she moved the other one to wrap around Wesley and bring him in closer to both of them, smiling as she looking from one to the other, giving Giles the same invitation Wesley had given.

Giles’ head rolled back with a loud moan as Wesley gave him several firm strokes. He made a noise of protest when the younger man stopped his actions, plucking at the waistband of his boxers. The message was simple: ‘These off.’ Giles slid the garment over his hips, stepping out of them as Fred pulled Wesley closer, placing him right in front him. Blue eyes met green, and Giles curled his hand behind Wesley’s neck, pulling him in for a brutal kiss. None of the gentleness that he had used on Fred was present. His tongue thrust into the warm mouth, marking him, claiming him. Wrapping his free arm around the younger man’s waist, he pulled him flush against his body, moving his hips so that their cocks rubbed against each other, the friction made easier by the copious amounts of pre-cum.

He resisted the urge to smile when he felt Wesley’s knees start to buckle under the assault. Wrapping both arms around him, he held Wes up, branding him with teeth and tongue. When oxygen became a necessity, he pulled back, the green in his eyes almost forest color, darkened in arousal.

Fred swallowed hard as she watched the two men in front of her, kissing and rubbing against each other, her breathing hitching with each of their movements. The way Giles kissed Wesley caused the heat from earlier to begin coiling in her again and sent tingling sensations through what seemed to be every nerve in her body. It was unlike anything she had ever seen before. Feeling herself suddenly swaying, she reached out and grabbed the arm of the couch to try to steady herself, her entire head spinning.

Wesley shook his head hard, trying to clear the fog as he felt a strong hand steady him. When his vision cleared, he felt a little better seeing Fred in pretty much the same situation. Reaching out a hand, he took hers and turned to take Giles’ hand in his other. The three moved into the bedroom, the electricity in the air almost something tangible.

Giles stood, allowing Wes and Fred to get onto the bed first. His heart was racing in his chest. He, for the life of him, couldn’t figure out why they would want to invite him into their bed. But with the loss of his Slayer, he wasn’t going to question his good fortune. Kneeling on the foot of the bed, he ran a hand up each leg, smiling when breaths caught and bodies arched up to be closer to questing fingers.

His hand on her leg by itself was enough to make Fred want to jump from the sensations the touch sent racing through her – she had already been hypersensitive after making love with Wesley. But seeing him doing the same to Wesley as he reclined beside her made her wonder if she was even going to get through this without passing out, what with her head spinning and her body feeling like it was taking one-thousand volts and the man she loved looking like he was feeling the exact same thing.

Somehow, though, she managed to twist her upper body so she could reach over and turn Wesley’s head toward hers, allowing her to kiss him deeply. As fingertips brushed her thigh, she groaned against his lips.

Giles smiled at the couple underneath him. Both were so expressive, so responsive. That in itself was turning him on. This was where his history with Ripper would come into play. It had been many years since he had to satisfy multiple partners, but he hadn’t forgotten. He crawled up their bodies slowly, looking very much like a large panther on the prowl. Trailing his hands further up their legs, he smiled when he felt his fingers enter Fred’s hot folds. She was damp with her own excitement as well as with what he assumed was Wesley’s release. Ducking his head, he traced his tongue up the underside of the younger man’s rigid shaft, tasting Fred there. Before Wesley could say anything, he slid his lips over the flesh, completely enveloping him.

Wesley’s head thrust back, the sound he emitted strangled. The feel of Rupert’s hot mouth wrapped around him caused his blood to surge. Forcing his eyes over to Fred when he heard her whimper, he surged up to her again. Threading his fingers through her hair, he held her to him, both of them muffling their cried in opened, hungry mouths.

Too much. Too much. Oh God, it was almost too much. Giles’ fingers up inside her while she could see him sucking on Wesley was enough to make her almost stop breathing until she couldn’t help it and let out a moan that came out more a whimper. Then Wesley’s lips were back on hers, and they were devouring each other as what Giles was doing caused them to rub against each other as well. Too much. Too soon. She wasn’t going to be able to take much more of this.

Throwing her arm across Wesley’s torso, she held onto him tight, her fingers digging into his side. Too much. Too much. Too much. Soon, the entire world spun out of control as she cried out against his lips, and then for several moments, she couldn’t remember anything.

Giles stopped, lifting his head when Fred cried out, giving Wes a chance to catch his breath. Poor thing, but if she was going to have her senses overloaded, this was the way to do it. He leaned up with a smile, stroking a hand down her cheek, waiting for her to open her eyes.

“Hello there.” He smiled, watching Wes put a soothing hand on her skin.

Wesley’s hungry blue eyes locked on her, happy that she was able to experience that. But now his body was crying out for his chance. Once Fred had regained control of her breathing, he reached out and clasped her hand in his but focused his attention back on Giles.

‘Do it,’ he mouthed desperately, pointing to the drawer in the bedside table. Giles extricated the tube and flipped open the cap, squirting a liberal amount on his fingers.

“Watch,” he rasped, his fingers prodding at Wesley before sliding into the other man’s body. Curling his fingers toward the abdominal wall, he located Wes’ prostate and chuckled deeply as he stroked across it and Wes almost arched right off the bed. He scissored his fingers, adding a third, stretching him open. He looked back at Fred when he felt Wesley was ready. “Fred, this has to be all right with you. May I make love to your boyfriend?” he managed, knowing if she said no, he would abide by her wishes.

Fred watched with wide eyes as Giles prepared Wesley, having never seen anything like this before. Then when he asked her permission, she took a deep breath in amazement, touched by the fact that both of them wanted her to be okay with this. And she was okay with this because she could see the love in Wesley’s eyes and the respect and care in Giles’. Neither of them would do anything she didn’t like, and she found herself loving both of them for it.

“Yes,” she whispered, curling herself around Wesley’s torso as she reached out to touch Giles’ arm briefly. “Yes, you may.”

“He’s beautiful, isn’t he? So wanton.” Giles smiled at her before moving between Wesley’s spread legs. Even when the younger man was being a pain in his arse all those years ago, he had thought so. Blue eyes you could easily find yourself drowning in. He chuckled, seeing Wesley blush.

Slicking his cock with a generous amount of lube, he placed his tip, pausing to look deep into those blue eyes. Wesley was panting, flushed, making small noises of need that drove Giles mad. Slowly, he pushed forward with his hips, emitting a loud groan as he entered Wesley’s body. Gritting his teeth, he stayed still, allowing the channel to open for him. He wanted this to be pleasurable for both of them.

Entranced, Fred watched as Giles pushed into Wesley, feeling the throbbing deep inside her returning at the sight. She could remember hearing the sounds of other slaves mating in the shadows of sleep houses in Pylea, remembered listening to them from her corner and trying to keep from watching the dark movements, but she had never been an actual invited witness to sex between two other people before, much less two men. It was probably the most amazingly erotic sight she had ever seen, especially since one of the two men was the man she loved.

Staying firmly imbedded, Giles just rocked his hips, worried when Wes nearly cried out. “No screaming.” He smirked, receiving a breathless laugh in reply. “Distract him,” he instructed Fred, his voice thick with his own arousal.

At his words to her, Fred blinked for a few moments and then smiled, understanding. Curling tighter to Wesley so she was resting against him, she leaned down and captured his lips with hers, teasing his mouth open with her tongue. As she did, she traced her finger down Wesley’s chest and abdomen to his own shaft, encircling it with her hand and slowly pumping up and down.

Once she was in place, keeping Wesley busy, Giles began a slow rhythm, searching for one specific spot. He curled one hand under the young man’s hip, opening him up for deeper penetration, and changing the angle entirely. He noted one of Wesley’s arms wrapped around Fred while the other was clenching his forearm. He vaguely noted that he might have a bruise later. Wes was stronger than he looked. But he felt nothing except the warm body around him. He snapped his hips forward, causing the other man to gasp and break his kiss with Fred.

“Try this,” he rasped to her. Sliding a hand up over the fine sheen of sweat on Wesley’s skin, his fingers found his nipple. He circled the nub with the pad of his forefinger before gripping it and giving it a pinch. He felt the corresponding clenching around his shaft and had to pause to regain control of himself. Leaning over, he drew Fred’s hand up to his mouth as he increased the force of his thrusts again. He nipped at her fingertips, wetting the pad of one finger in his mouth. Moving her hand up Wesley’s chest, he released her to let her play.

Fred let out a shuddering breath when he let go of her fingers, now wet with his saliva. Turning her gaze down to Wesley, she locked his with him as she began circling his nipple with her fingertip. “I love you,” she murmured and pinched it, just like Giles had done.

The throbbing in her belly was growing into an ache. She wanted to deal with it, but her free hand was trapped beneath Wes now, holding him tightly to her. So instead, she continued tweaking his nipple and rubbed against him, feeling him jerk slightly with each movement Giles made.

Giles angled his hips, knowing the second he bumped Wesley’s prostate. The younger man arched against both of them hard, his throat constricted against the effort to stop himself from crying out. Leaning over, he looked into the passion-glazed eyes.

“Let go, Wes. Show this to me. To us, it’s beautiful. You are beautiful,” he managed, feeling himself very close. Reaching down, he wrapped long fingers around the other man’s rigid shaft, pressing his thumb up the vein on the underside.

Wesley could feel the fire consuming him. The sensations were coming in too fast from too many places – Fred’s body, her taste, the feel of Giles buried in him, the thick head of him hitting his prostate. The words barely heard through the haze were just the icing on the cake. Beautiful? Him? For the first time in life, he felt loved. They wanted him not because he could continue a legacy or impress their friends or even translate an ancient text. They wanted him because he was Wesley, nothing more. He felt the fire well up, and suddenly all went black.

Giles froze when Wesley’s cock lengthened, and he felt the other man’s release coat his fingers. As soon as the thin body went slack, he quickly felt for a pulse. Breathing a sigh of relief, he smiled at Fred. “He passed out. He’s fine.” His voice was deep and rough, like a man who was on the edge of release but had not got there yet. Slowly, he slid out of Wesley, panting, to sit on his heels. “I think if you ask him when he wakes up, he’ll say he prefers this therapy to the drugs,” he joked tightly.

With a nod, Fred ran her hand over Wesley’s face and chest and leaned over to kiss him on his slack lips. “I’ve never seen anything like that before,” she said quietly, squirming a bit as she pulled her hand out from underneath him.

He eyed her for a moment, offering a small smile. “No, I don’t suppose you have.” It wasn’t a condemnation, just an observation. “Gauging the tension in your body, I’d have to guess you rather enjoyed it,” he teased, trying to distract himself from his most prominent problem.

She moved down the bed so she was just to Giles’ side and reached out to run the back of her hand across his cheek, shaking slightly from everything she had been processing. “That was beautiful—but are you...? Do you need...?” She let her hand trail down slightly towards Giles’ still erect cock.

“I have a feeling I should get used to this condition with the two of you around.” With a wry smile, he gripped her hand gently, wrapping her fingers around him. “It’s up to you, Fred. I’m close, so we can do it this way, or...” He ducked his head. “Or I can take care of that ache for you,” he said as he started to calm. “I won’t push.”

Fred’s voice caught in her throat and all that came out for a moment was an incomprehensible squeak. She hadn’t expected this from him. Her heart started pounding loudly, and she could feel the ache throbbing again. Her eyes flicked over to Wesley briefly before returning to Giles’ face, to the green eyes staring back at her in the dim light. She needed relief after witnessing what had happened. And part of her hungered in a way to know what her Wesley had felt. Slowly, she nodded, stroking her fingers along him once before reaching up to pull him toward her instead.

“Please,” she managed to whisper.

Giles quickly wiped himself off with a Kleenex from the bedside table and then moved forward, guiding her back down onto the bed. He loomed over her with a smile. “He’s right, you know. You really are quite lovely,” he told her before leaning down and nibbling on her lips.

Sliding a hand down her torso, his fingers found the apex of her thighs. He watched her face, learning the patches of skin that drove her wild. Lining himself up, he entered her slowly, knowing already that she was ready for him. He held her dark gaze as he started to move within her.

“There’s something about you that makes it easy to adore you,” he confessed, smiling when her long legs wrapped around him. “I want to take care of you. Both of you. This...” He glanced over at the sleeping Wes then back down at her. “This wasn’t something I ever expected but am nonetheless thankful for.” He began changing the angle of his thrusts, looking for the one spot he knew would light her nerve endings afire.

Between both Wesley and Giles, Fred was starting to think that she was currently the luckiest woman on earth. Moaning, she lifted her lower body up to meet each movement, feeling each thrust deep in her belly. His words rang in her ears. As long as both men were around, she knew they would all protect each other with everything they had.

“I never...never would have thought I’d—I’d be involved in anything like this,” she told him, wrapping her arms around up around his shoulder, her fingers caressing across the back of his neck. “There’s something about you being here. Wesley needs us both, wants us both and I—I was surprised to realize that...I wanted you too, not only because he did but because of the way you treat me like I’m human and a woman and not some prize. You treat me like Wes does.” Gasping when he changed the speed of his strokes again, she threw her head back onto the mattress. “You’re an amazing man, Gi—Rupert.”

Giles had already been skating the delicious edge of release with Wesley, so he continued to increase the speed and intensity of his thrusts. He had heard her call out from the living room earlier – two orgasms in one night, she had to be sensitive. He leaned over her, kissing her deeply as he carried them both closer to the edge.

“You deserve the world, my dear. And I’ll be here to help Wesley give it to you,” he whispered against her lips. He gritted his teeth when he felt her nails dig into his shoulders, the pain helping him focus. “Ride the flame, Fred. Feel it consume you. Feel me,” he grunted as her internal muscles started to flutter around him.

Her ears were ringing, and her heart was pounding, and she could feel everything contracting to that point like it did earlier, teetering on the edge. Then with another thrust, everything exploded as she gave out a strangled cry, the ache that had been building giving way to quakes that worked their way through every nerve in her body. She instinctively tightened her legs around Giles, holding him to her as her insides pulsed, keeping him locked deep within her.

He called out, feeling her clenched tight around him. He was so close. He seized her hips in his hands, forcing himself to thrust through the vice-like grip. The extra pressure was enough. He shouted her name as he was enveloped by his release, emptying himself inside of her. His arms suddenly gave out, and he managed to catch his weight on his elbows before he crushed her. Dropping his head down on her shoulder, he fought to catch his breath.

“Bloody hell, I’m too old for this,” he groaned.

Her arm feeling heavy, Fred raised it to thread her fingers through Giles’ hair and tilted her head to kiss his temple. “I don’t think you’re old,” she told him, wondering how he could think that. He was lot healthier and fitter than a lot of men she had met and seen over the years, especially when she had been at UCLA. “And I’m not just saying that because I’m exhausted too, and he’s still out like a light.” She reached over with her other hand and ran it through Wesley’s hair. “Somehow, I don’t think any of us will be getting up at the crack of dawn after the night we’ve had.”

Giles lifted his head and smiled warmly at her. “Bless you for fibbing,” he said, slowly pulling out of her. Poor thing was going to be feeling it in the morning. He pushed his weight back on his heels. “Stay there, Fred. I’ll be right back.”

He softly padded out of the bedroom, making a bee-line for the bathroom. Grabbing one of Wesley’s towels and taking a moment to wet a flannel, he returned to the bedroom. He smiled mischievously and gripped one of her legs, pulling. He turned her to face him and used the flannel to clean between her legs, knowing the coolness of it probably felt good. Finished, he dropped it on a pile of clothes and proceeded to dry her.

“Don’t want you to have to sleep in the wet spot,” he smirked.

She suddenly had a feeling that between the two men, she was going to become very, very spoiled. “Thank you,” she said with a smile, reaching up to pull him down for a kiss. She liked kissing him, same as she liked kissing Wesley. It felt really nice. Just like both of their bodies and their hands and just everything did.

Oh, yes, she was going to become very, very spoiled. She could tell.

“C’mon,” she said, drawing him onto the bed with her and scooting over so he’d have some room. “I’m not sleeping in a wet spot, and you’re not sleeping on the couch. Definitely not after tonight.”

Giles moved onto the bed, having to sleep on his side since Wesley was still out cold on his back. That was definitely going to be the nice thing about going back to Sunnydale. His own king-sized bed would fit the three of them easily.

“Face Wes, luv,” he instructed in a soft voice. When she did, he spooned up behind her, encouraging her to drape her arm across the younger man’s chest. He moved his own arm over, his hand resting on Wes’ abs. “This way when he wakes up, he’s still connected to us both,” he explained, fighting a yawn. “We should get some sleep, no telling when he’ll be up again.”

Nodding, Fred felt her eyes starting to close even as he said that. After the night they had had, she was quite exhausted. But she felt more secure and safer than she had in a long time, cuddled between two amazing men. “Goodnight, Rupert...goodnight, Wesley,” she said softly even though she knew the second man was still out.

She lay there for a few minutes, listening to their breathing, feeling Wesley’s chest rise and fall under her arm, until she finally fell asleep.

Giles lay there, watching over the pair. He knew he had wanted to do that with Wes for awhile. As for Fred...she was everything Wesley had said and more. He was determined to still be cautious, though. The moment they wanted him to step back, he would. But he knew in his heart that he could love them both if he allowed himself to. He heard Fred’s breathing even out, knowing she finally drifted off to sleep. Only then did he surrender to his own exhaustion and fell into a light sleep.


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